Gebroeders Jacobs, Nes aan de Amstel

Best kept secret of The Netherlands, Gebroeders Jacobs – Nes aan de Amstel, owners of a loft with sublime marathon racers for the toughest and most extreme (International) long distance races of 1000km (622 miles) and more. Since more than 30 years they perform at the top of the rankings and have super results, year in -year out. The Gebroeders Jacobs belong to the best performing extreme long distance lofts on both the NPO (National/afternoon liberation) as well as ZLU (International/morning liberation) races in the province Noord-Holland and The Netherlands.

Over the years, hundreds of Regional, Provincial, National and even International Premium Results carry the name of the brothers Toon & Piet Jacobs, from Nes aan de Amstel, very near to Amsterdam. Highlights of their sublime carreer of Marathon racing were: two times 2.International at Perpignan, 2.National Mont Ventoux, 1.National Acebird Long Distance PiPa, WHZB, TBOTB, 1.National Acebird Perpignan ZLU 3yrs, and many, many more National Top Ten results!

Obviously other pigeonfanciers have great results with the rich blood of this loft too, like:

Comb. Verweij-de Haan (with their “Barry”, a direct Jacobs pigeon & his famous son “Balotelli”, a.o. 1 International Agen winner)

Gertjan Rigter (winner of 2.National Barcelona 2018 with a 50% Jacobs bird, 2.National Agen ZLU 2018 with a 50% Jacobs bird and 1st provincial emperor of extreme long distance racing in Noord-Holland and in Fondunie2000 (departments 6,7,8,9,10,11))

Comb. Baas-Berg (the hen of  their famous “Nevenkoppel” is direct Jacobs, and it’s best son Vino, superflyer with 1 NPO Cahors and later a sublime breeder)

Anton van Oort (winner of 4.National Pau and 1.Acebird OLR Thailand, both pigeons 50% Jacobs)

Comb. D. ten Cate (1.National Cahors with a 50% Jacobs bird, Long Distance champion NU and Dpt 8)

Jos van Schaik (3.National Barcelona with a 100% Jacobs pigeon)

Nico van den Hurk (1.National/1.International Narbonne)

R. & M. Tekin (2.National/2.International Perpignan)

Familie Hendriks (4.National/6.International Barcelona)

Rinus Lagerberg (1.Provincial/2.National S2 St. Vincent with a 100% Jacobs pigeon) and many more.


In the auction of Gebroeders Jacobs, Toon & Piet offer children from their topbreeders and top flyers! Very special offers are the children of:



ACE 742




Note: Sex of the birds from 2018 believed to be correct by Gebroeders Jacobs , but not 100% guaranteed.





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