Daughter Little Joe

f BE16-2315582

Winning Bid: 870,00

Highest bid: Hawka

Breeder: Guy Baerts – Grazen (Belgium)

BE16-2315582 A UNIQUE and very lovely inbred daughter of superbreeder “Little Joe” and a granddaughter of “Golden Boy” 4.Nat Tulle 6.585 pigeons

Item condition: New


BE16-2315582 A UNIQUE and very lovely inbred daughter of superbreeder “Little Joe” and a granddaughter of “Golden Boy” 4.Nat Tulle 6.585 pigeons


Sire: “Little Joe” 9.International Marseille against 20.786 pigeons

“Little Joe” is (gr)(gr)father of: (NO DOUBLES!!)

1.Prov. Montauban





1.Prov. Libourne 551 p.

1.Cadiz (Esp) 600 p.

1.Prov. Montauban 722 p.

1.Prov. Pau 249 p.

1.Laon 1.426 p.

1.Hafr Al Batin (SAU) 3.212 p.

2.OLR Semi-Final Costa del sol 1.248 p.

2.OLR Final Costa del sol 749 p.

2.Nat. C Argenton 679 p.

3.Nat C1 Gueret 746 p.

3.Nat. C Brive 1.058 p.

3.Semi-Nat. Jarnac 3.714 p.

3.Olympiad pigeon Cat E Brussels 2017

4.Nat. C Jarnac 427 p.

4.Samosierra (Esp) 2.505 p.

4.Nat. Montauban 6.809 p.

6.Fourges (UK) 1.361 p.

6.Nat. Nevers    2.912 p.

6.Montauban (Fr) 8.598 p.

6.Int. Bordeaux 10.919 p.

7.Laon 1.465 p.

7.Prov. Libourne 560 p.

7.Prov. Perpignan 1.084 p.

8.Nat. Montauban 6.187 p.

8.Prov. Libourne 990 p.

8.Skaka (SAU)  (1.040 km) 3.459 p.

8.Nat. Catanzaro (Mt) 3.999 p.

8.Nat. C1 Gueret 746 p.

10.Yelvertin (UK) 1.999 p.

10.Int. Agen 6.042 p.

10.Prov. Barcelona 712 p.

10.Bordeaux (Fr) 1.004 p.

10.Int. Perpignan 15.937 p.

11.Nat. Perpignan 5.254 p.

11.Nat. C1 Chateauroux 880 p.

11.Nat. C Jarnac 1.001 p.

11.Fourges (UK) 1.361 p.

11.Limoges 2.380 p.

12.Prov. Bordeaux 936 p.

12.Bordeaux (Fr) 753 p.

13.Prov. Cahors 923 p.

14.Prov. Limoges 1.723 p.

15.Nat. C Valence 1.693 p.

17.Marsac (Fr) 1.088 p.

18.Nat. Libourne 3.925 p.

18.Nat. Tulle 8.656p.

18.Marsac (Fr) 1.089 p.

19.Prov. Chateauroux 1.038 p.

19.Yelvertin (UK) 1.999 p.

20.Little Hampton (UK) 4.731 p.

20.Exceter (UK) 5.736 p.

20.Int. Narbonne 13.527 p.

22.Nat. Agen 3.547 p.

23.Prov. Chateauroux 2.253 p.

23.Nat. C Tulle 2.780 p.

25.Arar (SAU) (1.000 km) 1.838 p.

25.Little Hampton (UK) 3.026 p.

27.Nat. Pau 1.989 p.

27.Nat. St-Vincent 2.562 p.

28.Nat. Narbonne 3.942 p.

28.Nat. Souillac 5.282 p.

28.S-Nat. St-Vincent 1.408 p.

29.Int. Perpignan 12.698 p.

30.Nanteuil (NL) 3.112 p.

30.S-Nat. Tulle 2.191 p.

34.Nat. C Brive 2.693 p.

34.Nat. C Argenton 6.630 p.

35.Bergerac (Fr) 2.962 p.

35.Nat. Narbonne 5.098 p.

36.Nat. Marseille (Nl) 3.610 p.

39.Nat. Limoges 14.263 p.

42.Nat. St-Vincent 3.132 p.

43.Nat. Pau 1.980 p.

43.Nat. C Tulle 3.330 p.

44.Nat. B Limoges 3.986 p.

46.Nat. St-Vincent 3.240 p.

46.Semi-Nat. Chateauroux 10.719 p.

49.Nat. Agen 5.335 p.

49.Nat. Libourne 7.958 p.

50.Argenton (Fr) 2.500 p.

50.Nat. C Limoges 4.076 p.

51.Nat. Barcelona 10.542 p.

55.Nat. Gueret 2.608 p.

56.Nat.  Montelimar 8.232 p.

61.Semi-Nat. Chalone 5.699 p.

62.Nat. Chateauroux 18.725 p.

63.Nat. B Limoges 4.457 p.

65.Nat. Orange 4.443 p.

76.Nat. Libourne 7.958 p.

78.Nat. Tulle 5.124 p.

82.Int. Agen 4.524 p.

85.Nat. Tulle 6.345 p.

88.Manfredonia 660 km Malta 3.500 p.

86.Nat. Bordeaux 2.648 p.

109.Nat. Bourges 18.826 p.

126.Nat. Limoges 16.012 p.

262.Nat. Souillac 7.315 p.

375.Nat. Limoges 11.995 p.

All results above are without any doubles.


Grsire: 93-5331814 “The Godfather”

Is also father of “Godiva”, one of the best racing hens on the lofts of Jos Thoné ever with

9.Nat. Bordeaux 3.651 p.

11.Nat. Perpignan 6.246 p.

27.Nat. Barcelona 13.021 p.


Grdam: 00-2399774 “Mother Little Joe”

Is also mother “Silver Shadow”, co-winner National Championship KBDB 2007


Dam: 10-2022339 “Grizzle Feaver”

She is bred from 08-2181579 “Golden Boy”  who has won 4.Nat. Tulle 6.585 pigeons (1.Prov. Tulle 555 p)

“Golden Boy” is a halfbrother of “Anouk”

9.Int. Bordeaux h. 856 p.

15.Int. Narbonne h. 2.282 p.

22.Int. Bordeaux h. 1.210 p.

76.Nat. Libourne 7.957 p.

119.Nat. Narbonne 7.156 p.

And also halfbrother of “Regina”, the 4.Semi-Nat. Jarnac winner against 3.714 pigeons.


“Golden Boy” was paired to 04-2179033 “Mana”, the mother of:

22.Nat. Agen 3.180 p.

39.Nat. Limoges 14.263 p.

13.Prov. Cahors 923 p.

48.Prov. Perpignan 924 p.

32.Nanteuil 1.518 p.

“Mana” is grandmother to the winner of 15.Prov. Limoges against 1.265 pigeons and a direct daughter of superbreeder “Little Joe”


Little Joe

Grizzle Fever