Grandson Armani & Guru

m BE17-2154132

Winning Bid: 240,00

Highest bid: Pazhouh

Breeder: Guy Baerts – Grazen (Belgium)

BE17-2154132 Grandson “Armani” 1 Int. Perpignan 15.094 and “Guru” 8 Int. Soustons 10.190

Item condition: New

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BE17-2154132 Grandson “Armani” 1 Int. Perpignan 15.094 and “Guru” 8 Int. Soustons 10.190


Sire: BE13-2196275 “Nicolas”

“Nicolas” is a son of “Armani”, the winner of 1.Int Perpignan against 15.094 pigeons and 99.Nat Marseille against 2.376 pigeons paired to “Lady Joe”, daughter of the famous “Little  Joe”, the stockbreeder and 9.Int Marseille winner!

“Lady Joe” is the (gr)mother of:

3.Nat. C2 Gueret 746 p.

8.Nat. C2 Gueret 746 p.

28.Nat. Narbonne 3.942 p.

10.Int. Agen 6.042 p.

10.Int. Perpignan 15.937 p.

“Lady Joe” is the (half)sister of:

1.Prov. Montauban

2.Prov. Perpignan

8.Nat. Montauban 6.187 p.

11.S-Nat. Chateauroux 9.030 p.

14.Prov. Gien 4.295 p.

14.Prov. Bourges 2.804 p.

15.Prov. Argenton 865 p.

16.Prov. Bourges 1.551 p.

20.Int. Perpignan 15.857 p.

28.S-Nat. St-Vincent 1.408 p.

86.Nat. Bordeaux 2.648 p.

94.Prov. Moulins 2.678 p.

104.Prov. Gien 5.113 p.

126.Nat. Bourges 16.771 p.

“Nicolas” is father of:

11.Nat C Jarnac 1.001 p.

61.Semi-Nat Chalone 5.699 p.



Dam: BE14-2338038 “Gury”

“Gury” is a direct daughter of “Guru” the winner of 8.Int. Soustons against 10.190 pigeons and she is a granddaughter of 1.Nat. Limoges  14.263 p.

“Guru” is one of the best pigeons of the loft, he never missed his pricecard from 130-950km and is an excellent breeder too.

“Guru” won:

8.Int. Soustons (947 km) 10.190 p.

22.Couvin (130 km) 549 p.

72.Couvin (130 km) 1.304 p.

178.Prov. Gien (426 km) 2.245 p.

247.S-Nat. Montlucon (563 km) 5.907 p.

436.Nat. C Bourges (494 km) 11.797 p.

814.S-Nat. Chateauroux 546 km) 9.026 p.

19 prizes in two years from 150 to 950 km (No doubles)


“Guru” is a grandson of “Arnold” 1.Int Barcelona ‘97 and a grandson of “Poco” 1.Nat Barcelona h. ‘95

“Guru” is father to “Guyliam”

1.Prov Montauban 722 p.

1.Prov Libourne 551 p.

4.Prov Tulle 522 p.

And he is father to “Blue Joe”

1.Prov Agen (48 m/m ahead)

10.Int Agen 6.042 p.


“Guru” is bred from a son of 1.Int Barcelona ’97 paired to a sister of super pigeon “Sedna I”, winner of:

1.Int Narbonne 5.870 p

1.West-European Nations cup “Extreme Long Distance”

1.Nat. Ace pigeon LCB Yearlings

1.Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings

1.Nat. Ace pigeon AVR Long Distance Yearlings

7.S-Nat. Jarnac 5.005 p

“Guru” was paired to a daughter of 1.Nat Limoges against 14.263 pigeons and a granddaughter of 7.Nat Limoges against 13.581 pigeons.










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