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Combinatie Gerrit & Jaco van Nieuwamerongen – Veenendaal


Donation: a couple of eggs in 2022 – contact us at the beginning of March.


After great years on the afternoon releases with a.o. 1st national Mont de Marsan and 6th national St. Vincent, Gerrit and Jaco van Nieuwamerongen made the switch to the ZLU races. In 2010, the 26th national Bordeaux ZLU was won, which was the first prize in the Fondunie 2000.

From 2015 the following prizes were won:

• Agen: 118, 121, 158, 167 etc. 12 prizes out of 20 basketted pigeons against 6,638 pigeons

• St. Vincent ZLU: 21, 276, 398 and 632 of the 10 basketted pigeons against 3,714 pigeons,

• Marseille: 89, 118, 150 and 395 of the 5 basketted pigeons against 3,610 pigeons,

• Narbonne: 3, 18, 40, 487, 499, 809 and 1153 of the 13 basketted pigeons against 5,338 pigeons.

• Barcelona: 61st, 257th and 380th national Barcelona against 5,239 pigeons.

• 10th NPO Cahors

• 91st national Agen Old against 6,219 pigeons

• 36th national Barcelona against 4,504 pigeons

• Agen ZLU Old: 47th, 75th, 82nd and 91st national against 5,214 pigeons

• St. Vincent: 43rd national against 2,696 pigeons

• Narbonne: 53rd national against 3,829 pigeons

• Agen: 29, 100, 110, 195, 579, 620, 653, 654, 714, 763 (10 of 16 in the prizes) against 3,305 pigeons

• 1st National Ace Agen 2019-2021 with ‘the 65’

The strain is built up with performance pigeons with a background mainly of Van der Wegen pigeons, supplemented with Van Wanroy and Aarden and with a few pigeons wich had a touch of Carteus or Theelen blood. The basic pigeons: Jo (1st national Mont de Marsan 2006), Top Witpen 15 and Bonte 49 (both various top 50 prizes national), Bonte 160 (6th national St. Vincent) and Carteus Giant (father of 12 different pigeons that won top prizes within the 1st 100 national, of which 4 on teletext).


The following great performances were achieved in other lofts with pigeons from Gerrit and Jaco:

3rd national Bergerac (S2) 2017, 3rd NPO St. Vincent 2017, 8th NPO Limoges 2018, 6th national Narbonne 2018, 13th national Perpignan 2018 (50%)

‘t Veens Blauwtje from Harold Zwiers was bred in Veenendaal and is the 1st National Ace Bergerac pigeon over the years 2016-2018.

Miss Puck from Koos Steenbeek is the best afternoon release pigeon over the years 2016-2018 and his father is direct from Gerrit and Jaco (a brother of the 3rd national Narbonne)


Who will buy this voucher for a couple of eggs and, like dozens of other fanciers, will succeed with pigeons from this strong stock?




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