Winning Bid: 100,00

Highest bid: 114946

Strain: COMB W.H. MURK & ZN.NL


Combinatie W.H. Murk & Zn – IJsselstein

Donation: a young pigeon 2022

Wim and Bertrik Murk race with a small racing team of 24 couples (incl. yearlings) and have 8 breeding couples. They have built up a unique strain based on the old lines of Koop & Gerda Kiekebelt and top breeder “Jantje” van Jan van Straten.

In the past decades, they have won:

1st Nat Bergerac

1st Int. St Vincent

1st NPO Orange

1st NPO Periqueux

1st Marathon Noord Narbonne


Championships and ace pigeons in recent years:

1st Ace Champion Fondunie 2000 in 2020

1st Marathon Noord 2020 Narbonne

8th Nat. Ace Pau 3rd year 2020

4th Nat. Ace Marseille 3 years 2019

7th West European Super Marathon 2019

5th Marathon Noord ZLU morning release 2019

2nd Fondclub Utrecht ZLU nominated 2019

1st Nat. Ace Pau 3 years 2017

2nd West European Super Marathon 2016

5th Europe Marathon 2016

3rd Emperor Fondunie 2000

2nd Fondunie 2000 Champions League

3rd Champion Fondunie 2000 nominated

6th Champion Fondunie 2000 not nominated

1st Fondclub Utrecht ZLU not nominated

1st Fondclub Utrecht ZLU nominated

3rd Fondunie 2000 Pyrenees Cup

6th Fond Union 2000 nominated

5th Fondclub Utrecht ZLU not nominated

4th Fondclub Utrecht ZLU nominated

9th National Marathon 2016

10th Western European Super Marathon 2017

10th Olympiad pigeon Marathon Netherlands

8th Marathon Noord ZLU flights

7th Best Pau pigeon International (2015-2016) PIPA ranking

11th Best European Hen International Flights 2016 (2 prizes) PIPA rankings

15th Best Extreme Long Distance Pigeon in the Netherlands 2016 PIPA rankings

16th IATP ranking of Europe PIPA 2017

21st IATP ranking of Europe PIPA 2016

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