Winning Bid: 1.100,00

Highest bid: Team pieper



Gerard Schalkwijk – Lopik

Ring number: NL21-1024593


Gerard donates a pigeon from son Lady Richelle (father) and mini Laika, winner of the 74th National Barcelona ’21 (mother)

See the pedigree for more information of this top donation !


Best results of Gerard Schalkwijk in 2021:

74th National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons

15th National Marseille against 4,310 pigeons

2nd, 4th, 5th, 15th and 32nd National Perigueux against 6,452 pigeons

12th and 53rd National Bergerac against 10,283 pigeons


Gerard Schalkwijk from Lopik is the Keizer Champion of the Fondunie 2000 in 2019. He is also known for his company Travipharma. In addition to the medication, they also produce supporting

nutritional supplements for racing pigeons.

The current stock is a mix of pigeons from the Belgian topper Frans Bungeneers (predominantly a Cor de Heijde strain) and the Aarden pigeons via Fam. Van Houten.


In 2020 Gerard made his mark by winning the 1st National Perigueux in sector 3 and furthermore he was the winner of:

13th, 24th and 36th National Perigueux against 8,064 pigeons (in addition to the 1st)

20th National Barcelona against 4,477 pigeons

45th National Narbonne against 6,725 pigeons


In the super year 2019 Gerard won:

49th National Pau against 3,785 pigeons

10th and 55th National Perigueux against 7,100 pigeons

39th National Agen Old against 5,210 pigeons (1st Grandmaster … best result national !!!)

41st National Barcelona against 4,129 pigeons

52nd National St. Vincent ZLU against 2,696 pigeons

30th National Orange against 2,569 pigeons

45th and 92nd National Narbonne against 3,829 pigeons

43rd National Perpignan against 4,287 pigeons


Gerard won the following championships:

1st Emperor General Fondunie 2000

1st International Ace Barcelona 2017-2019

1st Pyrenees Cup Fondunie 2000

2nd Champion un nominated Fondunie 2000

3rd Champion nominated Fondunie 2000

4th National Marathon Champion ZLU


Gerard already won the following prizes in previous years:

29th National Dax

28th National Barcelona

18th and 28th National Orange

43 and 59th National St Vincent ZLU

41st National Marseille

37th and 51st National Narbonne

57th National Perpignan

8th National Bergerac






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