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Gerard Schellekens – Riel

Ring number: NL21-2128735


Gerard donates a late bred youngster from the 25th National Barcelona ’21 !! (see pedigree)


The father of the donation of Gerard is “RIVA”, the winner of the 25th National Barcelona’21 !! Also in the pedigree “Lady Barca“, the 9th Nat.Barcelona ’12
Furthermore, the old Schellekens-lines : 1st Nat. St.Vincent and 1st Nat.Pau !

In addition, Gerard raffles among the vouchers buyers and the ZLU buyer of this pigeon a youngster from “EAGLE MAX“: 1st Ace ZLU (all flights) 2017-2019, 1st Ace ZLU Perpignan, 1st Super Gouden Crack FZN, 5th Ace ZLU St.Vincent etc etc. A unique opportunity !!!


Gerard is the curator of the Schellekens breed. “De Adelaars van de Pyreneen” have been in their element again on the very tough ZLU flights in recent seasons. This golden long distance breed was built in the early sixties by father Jef Schellekens, who passed away in 1994 and continued by son Gerard. The basis is Horemans/Vanbruaene, afterwards an injection with pigeons from Jan Ernest. The Schellekens pigeons won great series on Barcelona and other flights. What about the 1st and 2nd National Pau 1987, 1st National St. Vincent 1982, 2nd National Marathon 1985, the biggest serie national and international on Barcelona ’92 (25 prizes), etc.

Gerard, who is now 73 won the following top prizes on NATIONAL BARCELONA in the last 10 years: 9th – 21st – 23rd – 26th – 49th – 53rd – 69th – 76th, etc

But Gerard won also:
1st National Ace ZLU Perpignan 2017-2018-2019
1st Super Golden Crack Marathon 2017-2018-2019 (3x St.Vincent, 3x Perpignan) FZN
2nd European Cup Barcelona (team NIC) 2019
3rd Derby Champion ’18
5th National Ace ZLU St.Vincent 2017-2018-2019
6th Nat. Perpignan ’19
8th WESM Champion ’18
8th National Ace Perpignan 2016/2019
10th National Ace St.Vincent 2016/2019
18th National Ace all ZLU flights 2019
21st National Ace all ZLU flights 2018


Best results in 2019:
National Perpignan 6th- 88th- 331st- etc…… against 4,287 pigeons
National St.Vincent ZLU 59th- 146th- 168th- 196th- 250th- 254th- etc.. against 2,696 pigeons
National Agen ZLU yearlings 75th- 149th- 196th- 286th …..etc against 3.940 pigeons
National Bordeaux 28th- 37th- 49th- 185th -210th- 248th-466th etc. against 8.815 pigeons
National Cahors 10th- 57th etc against 3,705 pigeons
National Bergerac 57th etc against 9,010 pigeons

In total in 2019 10x TOP 100 NAT/ZLU: 6th, 10th, 28th, 37th, 49th, 57th, 57th, 59th, 75th and 88th


Best results in 2020:

17th national St. Vincent against 5,578 pigeons

66th national Bergerac II against 8,982 pigeons

42nd national Bergerac against 4,194 pigeons


Best results in 2021:

Top series and national top prizes such as:

10, 18 National Dax against 5,612 pigeons

25 National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons: Barcelona 9/18 prizes (international 10/18)

Narbonne 26/56 prizes international

St.Vincent 22/43

Bordeaux 15/35

Dax 13/33

Bergerac 12/33

Marseille 3/4



Gerard Schellekens is a real big name in the National Marathon pigeonsport !




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