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Jan Polder – Middelharnis

Ring number: NL21-1166509


Jan Polder performs on a very high level on the marathon flights since 1988 with fantastic results and always with the same family of pigeons. Everyone still remembers his spectacular victory with his “Victoria” against more than 32,000 pigeons on the sweltering St. Vincent in 2005, where only 2 pigeons were faster than 900 m/m. Also the 1st National Marseille 2014 captured the imagination of many, when a dominant South Limburg was beaten in the evening by super hen “Annemarie” from Jan Polder, good for the 1st National, 2nd International and 1st International hens. On Marseille 2019 Jan scored the 2nd National and last season “Ons Tess” arrived with a headwind at 4:00 in the night and won the 3rd National Marseille. Previously, the 5th, 9th and 18th National Marseille had already been won. Countless ZLU trophies adorn Jan Polder’s trophy cabinet, won by top 25 listings or by winning very appealing championships. Over the years it became clear that the “Victoria-family” of Jan Polder is a super breeding family that we can safely measure with the most famous marathon breeding lines of this moment. In Jan Polder’s breeding loft, every couple consists of a highly inbred pigeon to the “Victoria-family”, a proven top breeder from this family or a top racer from the “Victoria-line”. These pigeons, crossed with pigeons from another inbred top loft or against a child of a 1st (Int) National or a real top flyer, are responsible for the contemporary successes on the loft of Jan Polder and with many other fanciers. No less than 9 (Int) National winners are richly blessed with the “Victoria blood”. The most recent one is the National winner on Perpignan this year (2nd International) at 1200 kilometers from Rutger Rittersma. Both the sire and dam of this crack are 50% of the “Victoria-family” and the 1st International Agen, previously won by Rutger, also has 50% of this “Victoria blood”.

The origin of the “Victoria-family” stems from a son of “de Marseille”, alias “de 065” of Sjaak Steketee and a granddaughter of “de Witbuik” of Bas and Hugo Batenburg. This year they played fantastic again on the loft of Jan Polder, who had a fantastic season on the ZLU Marathon flights. He won 3x the 1st prize in the strong NPO/ZLU basketing center in Middelharnis, whereby 2 winners are crossed pigeons from the “Victoria-family” and 1 winner is even an inbred “Victoria” pigeon.

To learn more about the origins and achievements of this family, visit this URL on the Internet https://bit.ly/36nHlHR

Jan has selected something special for the sale of the ZLU. A beautiful dark checker hen from “Easy Flyer”, the winner of 10 marathon prizes including a 13th National St. Vincent ZLU and 27 National Cahors S2. He is a grandson of the world famous “Victoria”, the winner of the 1st and 7th National St Vincent. The mother of the ZLU donation is “’t Zacht Bont”. She won 8 marathon prizes and shone in 2019 with the 2nd National Marseille. In that year she also became 1st Ace Marathon in the NIC and in the Fondclub de Glazen Stad.

View the pedigree of the donation. This is full of top pigeons that have already earned their spurs in the races and/or in breeding.




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