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Mike Peereboom – Amstelveen

Donation: a young pigeon 2022

A great result was achieved by Mike Peereboom from Amstelveen on National Pau ’21. He basketed eight nest pigeons (four couples) and scored national prizes 48, 66, 96, 140, 253, 390 and 433 against 4255 pigeons!!

These pigeons were clocked from 7.50 am to 9.17 am and after that the national competition is open for another two hours. The pigeon sport seems so easy when your pigeons come off like this! The eighth pigeon arrived in the evening at 8 pm and he is the father of the first pigeon, a hen that already flew the 90th National Perpignan last year. The couples were basketted with youngsters of about 4 days. Last year Mike Peereboom had 4 pigeons from Pau and 3 pigeons were clocked in 9 minutes and won prizes 1 : 10. Since 2014 Mike has been living with his shop and that is Juwelier Peereboom on the Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen. He started the pigeon sport as a small boy on that parental property. At the previous home address he started racing the extreme long distance in 2005 and that went very well very quickly. With a hen from 2006 he even had the best Marseille racer in the Netherlands over three years with, among other things, the prizes 4 and 12 national! She was bred from pigeons from John Hardebol (Castricum). Before the move, the long distance team was sold with the conditions that youngsters could be obtained from it later. The restart was made with those youngsters and in addition there were youngsters from the joint breeding loft of Harry Kalter (the International Pau winner) and Mark van den Berg. Mike Peereboom has a small loft stock, which consists of 8 pairs of yearlings and 10 pairs of old birds.

The yearlings are flown in the one day long distance flights in department 6, North-Holland, and the old birds do the ZLU flights. He has no breeders. Mike lives next to a bakery that spreads a lot of light during the night so that the pigeon lofts have to be extra shielded.

Both of Mike’s grandfathers were also pigeon fanciers as well as an uncle. Jeweler Peereboom is a real family business that was started in 1928 by his great-grandfather. So the business has been around for 92 years and Mike is the fourth generation!


Results 2020 (3x participated in a ZLU flight):

Pau best loft performance in the Netherlands and best overall performance over the entire year !

National Pau: 8 entered 7 prizes of which 3 in the 1st 100 National and the 7th arrival was 447th National !

National Narbonne: 2nd best loft performance in the Netherlands, 15 out of 18 in the prizes !

Agen (978 km) 1st arrival was clocked 22:58 pm

Results 2021:

National Agen ZLU: 19 entered, 9 National prizes

National Perpignan: 1st arrival 21:39 pm, 32nd National. 2nd arrival 22:57 pm! 12 entered and 7 National prizes


This only with 24 pigeons in the loft!! A super loft!


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