Late Brenda 47

f NL15-1901347

Winning Bid: 260,00

Highest bid: Nicolle

Breeder: Cees Nijdeken

NL15-1901347 “Late Brenda 47” is a 100% Jelle Jellema pigeon bred from a brother of “Late Blauwe” x a sister of “Brenda”

Item condition: New



NL15-1901347 “Late Brenda 47” is from a family of National Winners! She is a 100% Jelle Jellema pigeon and bred from a brother of “Late Blauwe” x a sister of “Brenda”, the two famous Acepigeons that made Cees Nijdeken National champion.


Sire: “Broer Late Blauwe” NL14-1936373

“Broer Late Blauwe” is a full brother of the famous “Late Blauwe” from Cees Nijdeken. The “Late Blauwe” is the 1st Acepigeon Marathon Noord, 3rd Acepigeon Noordelijke Unie (NU) and 3rd Acepigeon VNCC in 2015! He wins that year:

1.NPO Sint Vincent 1.057 pigeons

20.National Sint Vincent 3.927 pigeons

2.NPO Bergerac 1.468 pigeons

16.National Bergerac 3.837 pigeons

52.NPO Cahors 1.844 pigeons

116.National Cahors 4.838 pigeons

“Broer Late Blauwe” is bred from “Jonge Storm” paired to “Dochter Kirsten”, both direct Jelle Jellema from the old base strain of the new grandmaster of marathon! The father of “Jonge Storm” wins a.o. 16.National Bergerac in 2006 while the mother of “Jonge Storm” wins a few super prizes with a.o. 3.NPO Ruffec and 10.NPO Limoges! The mother of “Broer Late Blauwe” is a sister of 2.National S4 Sint Vincent and 28.National S4 Orange.


Dam: “Zus Brenda” NL12-1201023

“Zus Brenda” is a full sister of super pigeon “Brenda” from Cees Nijdeken. “Brenda” is the 1st National Acepigeon Marathon, 1st Acepigeon Dpt 9, 1st Acepigeon Noordelijke Unie (NU), 1st Acepigeon VNCC and 1st Acepigeon Marathon WHZB/TBOTB in 2015….!

In that year she wins:

16.NPO Cahors 1.844 pigeons

25.National Cahors 4.838 pigeons

3.NPO Sint Vincent 1.057 pigeons

34.National Sint Vincent 3.927 pigeons

11.NPO Bergerac 1.468 pigeons

44.National 3.837 pigeons

Sister Brenda” comes from Jelle Jellema and is bred from the “Jonge Maagdenburer” coupled with a son of “Nirvana”, the absolute star of the Jellema loft, both as an incredible good marathon pigeon, but also as a very important breeder of many super-birds . “Nirvana” wins among others:

6.National Sint Vincent 2008 1.348 pigeons

11.National Bergerac 2008 3.426 pigeons

14.NPO Perigueux 2006 2.569 pigeons

24.National Bergerac 2006 3.432 pigeons

44.National Bergerac 2005 3.680 pigeons

59.National Saint Vincent 2007 1.313 pigeons

69.National Bergerac 2007 4.980 pigeons

71.NPO Ruffec 2004 2234 pigeons, etc
“Nirvana” comes from the super couple “Orion” x “Mirna”.


Late Blauwe