TIM 193

m NL17-1124193

Winning Bid: 1.100,00

Highest bid: Jacky nwk

Breeder: Combinatie Baas – Berg

NL17-1124193 TIM 193 from TIM, the 1.National Cahors winner and foundation breeder paired to a sister of the HEILIGE GEEST, 1.National St Vincent ZLU


Item condition: New


NL17-1124193 TIM 193


Sire: NL09-1235097 TIM

TIM, the super pigeon and foundation breeder of Combinatie Baas-Berg wins:

1.National Cahors S2 (morning liberation) 5.571 pigeons

23.NPO Tours 6.565 pigeons

38.NPO Orleans 8.494 pigeons, etc


TIM is (gr)father to:

1.Prov Bordeaux / Agen

1.Interprov/Fondunie2000 Bordeaux / Agen

1.Provincial Sint Vincent ZLU

3.Provincial Pau

12.Provincial Agen ZLU 2017

13.National Bordeaux / Agen ZLU

14.National Pau / Mt de Marsan ZLU

26.National Pau ZLU 2018

28.National Sint Vincent ZLU 2018

49.National Bordeaux ZLU

100.National Pau / Mt de Marsan

TIM is (grand)son of the two stock breedinghens of Tim Hage, ZENUWPIL and KWEEKMOEDER 2


Dam: NL16-1558787 LIEVE MARIANNE

LIEVE MARIANNE, sister HEILIGE GEEST winner 1.National St Vincent & 3.National Ace pigeon ZLU (raced by Tim Hage)


1.National St Vincent ZLU 2016 against 3.386 pigeons

1.Interprovincial acepigeon marathon ZLU

3.NATIONAL Ace pigeon ZLU in 2016.


LIEVE MARIANNE is a granddaughter of MILOS, the Superbreeder of Comb. Verweij-deHaan paired with the ZENUWPIL, the #1 breedinghen of Tim Hage. LIEVE MARIANNE is also

the granddaughter of the foundation pair from Tim Hage: BLAUWE KOUTERS x KWEEKMOEDER 2

Offspring of MILOS win:

1.National Acepigeon Perpignan 2014-2016

2.European Acepigeon Pau 2015-2016

3.European Acepigeon (hens) International flights 2017

3.National Acepigeon ZLU 2017

5.National Acepigeon ZLU 2017

5.National Acepigeon ZLU 2016

1.Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 3,387 p 2016

1.Nat. Bergerac 12,302 p 2015

2.Int. Pau 11,164 p

2.Nat. Narbonne ZLU 4,515 p 2013

2.Nat. Tarbes ZLU – 2,374 p

4.Nat. St Vincent – 4,858 p

5.Int. Barcelona – 17,094 p

8.Nat. Perpignan ZLU 5,622 p

9.Nat. Perpignan ZLU – 4,789 p

9.Nat. Marseille ZLU 6,610 p

9.Nat. Bergerac 6,219 p

11.Nat. Narbonne 4,566 p