092 Milan

m NL17-1128092

Winning Bid: 210,00

Highest bid: Harvey12

Breeder: Comb. Verweij – de Haan

NL17-1128092 This beautiful cock is bred from two super breedingcouples “Milan” x “Inbred Toon 377” and “Rooney” x “Shania”

Item condition: New


NL17-1128092 This beautiful cock is bred from two super breedingcouples “Milan” x “Inbred Toon 377” and “Rooney” x “Shania”


Sire: NL14-1802022 from son Supercouple “Rooney” x “Shania”

He is bred from a son of two Provincial winners “Rooney” (1.Provincial Dax) x “Shania” (1.Provincial Tarbes). “Rooney” wins a.o.

1.Provincial Dax ZLU 2006

22.National Dax

66.International Dax

118.National Barcelona (wins 3x 1:10 Barcelona)

“Shania” wins a.o.

1.Provincial Tarbes

42.National Tarbes

113.National Barcelona

His mother is a daughter of “Late Night Lady”, the super hen who wins a.o.

27.National Cahors (morning lib)  7.305 pigeons in 2011

77.National Barcelona 6.392 pigeons in 2012

53.National Bergerac 5.091 pigeons in 2012

126.National Cahors 8.832 pigeons in 2012


Dam: NL15-1552820 daughter of super breedingcouple “Milan” paired to “Inbred Toon 377”

She is a full sister of “Will Grigg”, “Rodriqez” and “Toprak”.

“Milan” x “Inbred Toon 377” is one of the best breedingcouples at the loft of Comb Verweij – de Haan as they are parents of a.o.

21.National Agen 4.679 pigeons

55.International Agen 9.043 yb

13.NPO Cahors 2.471 pigeons

41.National Cahors 7.587 pigeons

10.Provincial Perpignan

92.National Perpignan 6.414 pigeons

26.NPO Sint Vincent 1.014 pigeons

83.National Sint Vincent 3.665 pigeons

30.NPO Sint Vincent 1.014 pigeons, etc

“Inbred Toon 377” is a daughter of the fabulous “Toon” paired to his daughter (he was than paired to “Heintje”, the Olympic Acepigeon of Verweij – de Haan).

“Toon” is the absolute base breeder of Comb. Verweij – de Haan, who have created a great family of many winners and acepigeons around their foundation cock. “Toon” is bred from the old “131 de Weert” breedingcouple from Toon van Beek. “Toon” wins a.o.

5.National Mont de Marsan

10.National Sint Vincent

15.National Sint Vincent

36.National Sint Vincent

48.National Mont de Marsan

77.National Sint Vincent

From this “Toon-dynastie” many topracers were born a.o.

1.National Agen ZLU 2015

1.International Agen ZLU 2015

1.NPO Agen 2015

1.NPO Cahors

1.NPO Bergerac 2016

2.National Bergerac 2013

3.National Agen ZLU 2017

3.National Agen 2014

4.National Sint Vincent ZLU 2015

5.NPO Cahors 2012

6.NPO Cahors 2013

6.National Orange 2016

7.National Tarbes 2015

8.National Sint Vincent 2015

9. National Perpiguex 2016

10.Provincial Perpignan

10.National Marseille 2017

10.National Barcelona 2015




Inbred Toon 377