098 Milos

m NL17-1128098

Winning Bid: 240,00

Highest bid: Harvey12

Breeder: Comb. Verweij – de Haan

NL17-1128098 grandson #1 superbreeder “Milos” and “Superkweker Stet”

Item condition: New


NL17-1128098 grandson #1 superbreeder “Milos” and “Superkweker Stet”


Sire: NL16-1386174 “Son Milos”

His father is the #1 stockbreeder and favorite pigeon of the Verweij – de Haan loft, “Milos”. This famous pigeon wins 1.NPO Montauan 1.862 pigeons and was the only pigeon arriving in the Province Noord-Holland at the day of liberation. After he was put in the breedingloft he became of great importance. He is (gr)father of a.o.

1.National Sint Vincent ZLU

2.National Narbonne

2.National Tarbes

4.National Sint Vincent

8.National Perpignan, etc.

He is bred from “Broer Toon” (6.NPO Mont de Marsan) x “Leontien” (6.National Bergerac)

“Milos” was paired to “380 inbred Barry/Bolletje”, wich is a proven breedinghen as two yearling daughters of her win 9.Provincial (45.National s2) and 12.Provincial (59.National s2) at Cahors in 2016. Her parents are “Zoon Barry/Bolletje” and “Bolletje”, the super racinghen with 1.National Bergerac and 4.National Cahors.


Dam: NL16-1386089 daughter “Superkweker Stet” x “Barca Queen”

She is bred from famous breedingcock “Superkweker Stet”, who’s offspring win at least 21x within the 1st 100.National:

1.National, 2.National, 4.National, 4.National, 15.National, 16.National, 22.National, 26.National, 30.National, 33.National, etc. He is also father of 104.National Barcelona and 145.National Barcelona!

“Superkweker Stet” is a direct son of the famous “Betuwekoppel” (“Petertje” x “Agnes”) and full brother of another famoous breedingcock “Barca 621”  from Gebr. Jacobs.

“Barca Queen” is the mother of “Joep” who wins 10.National Barcelona in 2015 and she is bred from “Barca Dirk” who wins:

1.Provincial Barcelona

6.National Barcelona 8.042 pigeons

11.International Barcelona 27.699 pigeons in 2009

86.National Bordeaux 6.299 pigeons in 2009, etc

“Barca Dirk” was paired with one of the best breedinghens of Peter de Haan “Red Star”.




Superkweker Stet