m NL18-1054521

Winning Bid: 140,00

Highest bid: L F

Breeder: Antoon van der Burg – Bergschenhoek

NL18-1054521 THE WINNER is grandson to 5x 1st pricewinner paired to the best breedingline of Willem de Bruijn ZIDAN x NAILA

Item condition: New


NL18-1054521 THE WINNER


Sire: NL16-1541801 ZOON THE WINNER

Son to THE WINNER from A.M. vd Rhee who is 5x first prize winner paired to TIPKE

THE WINNER, a remarkable super pigeon wins a.o.:

Pommeroul 1/ 4.885 (fastest 32.000 pigeons)

Nijvel 1/ 910

Meaux 1/ 593

Nanteuil 1/ 586

Peronne 1/ 129

He also is a very good breeder and father of 3x 1st price winners, Quievrain 1/2.294, Quievrain 1/693, Nanteuil 1/619

TIPKE is a sister of T ASKE 798, the 1.National Ace Hens WHZB in 2012 and 3.National Ace Allround TBOTB in 2012.

THE WINNER is a son of the TELETEXT from Jan van de Pasch who won a.o. 7.NPO Chateauroux 8.191 and 28.NPO Ablis against 19.929 pigeons!



Super hen! 100% Willem de Bruijn, Heremans-Ceusters. She wins a.o.:

Asse-Zellik 2/ 5.000

Pt St Maxcence 9/ 5.707

Asse-Zellik 6/ 3.443

Duffel 10/ 4.105

Quievrain 7/ 2.321, etc

ZIDANE, great pigeon and winner of: 2.National Ace Short & Middle distance TBOTB and 2.National Ace Yearlings TBOTB, son of OLYMPIC ZEUS, Best Cock WHZB ’02 and Olympiad pigeon in

2002 paired with the stockbreeding hen from Willem de Bruijn FAVORI, the 10.National Ace Yearlings TBOTB and 100% Heremans-Ceusters.

NAILA, an extraordinary racing hen who wins a.o.: 1/ 14.669 (fastest 30.000) and 1/ 11.778 (fastest 23.000) from the top couple TITAN x HESTIA.

ZOON 847 NAILA is paired to GIANT 111, 28th National Ace SD & MD TBOTB 2013 and mother to a.o.

Nanteuil 2/ 2.247

Peronne 6/ 12.029

Peronne 14/ 8.762

Mantes la Jolie 15/ 11.778

Mantes la Jolie 19/ 14.861, etc

GIANT 111 is bred from FANGIO, father to 5th National Ace TBOTB paired to MINERVA, 2nd National Ace TBOTB and 4th National Ace NPO 2004