f NL18-1096673

Winning Bid: 180,00

Highest bid: Sensitive

Breeder: Comb. van Leeuwen & Zn

NL18-1096673 PATTY is a nice inbreed hen to to STAMVADER! She is from grson x grdaughter STAMVADER.

Item condition: New



NL18-1096673 PATTY


PATTY is a nice inbreed hen to to STAMVADER! She is from grson x grdaughter of the stock pigeon DE STAMVADER.


Sire: NL16-1526814 BARACAS

BARACAS is a grson of DE STAMVADER. BARACAS is the winner of:

28 Morlincourt 1.038

108 Pontoise 12.351

110 Chateauroux 4.934

131 Gien 4.464

125 Duffel 3.798, etc


He is from BLUE LAGOON, winner of:

2 Chateauroux 258

37 NPO Sens 8.217, etc


The mother of BARACAS is a very special pigeon, called SWEETY.

SWEETY is the mother of:

20 Ace Speed in the dpt 7

SWEETY is a halfsister of the winner of:

1 NPO Bourges 6.407 !

SWEETY is the aunt of the 10 NPO Morlincourt winner at Comb. Molenaar Koog ad Zaan


SWEETY is a 100% Hennie la Grouw pigeon from his very best lines! Her father is a son of top bird ANNEKE.

Her mother is a daughter of the 1st NPO Chateauroux winner paired to the phenomenal cock FALCO, winner of:

1 National Ace Fondspiegel long distance

1 NPO, 2 NPO, 14 NPO, etc




Dam: NL16-1526723 HET 23je

HET 23je is a grdaughter of DE STAMVADER. She is from a son of THE DARKSIDE, a brother od SPROETJE, winner of 2NPO Bergerac dpt 7.

She is from the best lines of the loft, her mother is special breed for the breedingloft.