f NL18-1157680

Winning Bid: 180,00

Highest bid: Carlt46

Breeder: Gebroeders Dekker

NL18-1157680 FIEP 2 is from topper YOUNG DANNY paired to FIEP (best of both Dekker and Scheele!)

Item condition: New



NL18-1157680 FIEP 2


Sire: NL14-3415987 YOUNG DANNY

YOUNG DANNY is the 3.National Acepigeon Young Topwings in 2014 and 1.Ace Sprint Region, 1.Ace Allround SS2, 5.Provincial Acepigeon Allround in 2016.

He is bred from the SUPER BREEDINGPAIR: ZOON BRAM x  kldr SUPER 02. This kldr SUPER 02 is a tophen! She is the (gr)mother to:

1. National Chateauroux 16.000

1. NPO Orleans 4.927

2 Ablis 7.889



Dam: NL16-1586223 FIEP

FIEP is from joint breeding between Gebr Dekker and Gebr Scheele. She is a halfsister of SIMSON, the winner of:

1 Acepigeon Young in 2017

3 Acepigeon Sprint SS2 in 2017

10 Acepigeon Allround Region in 2018

6 NPO & 6.Provincial Gien 2.688

13 National S1 Gien 23.171

14 Fontenay 9.062

13 Arras 3.601

18 Roye 2.101

41 Pithiviers 4.738

52 Pt St Maxcence 5.529

67 Roye 6.016

89 Niergnies 6.425

FIEP is bred from a brother of LAURENS (from son MISS DOLTSJE) x dr JACK X OLYMPIC VALERY from G. & S. Verkerk.

OLYMPIC VALERY is a 1.NPO winner and Olympiad Acepigeon Long Distance