m NL18-1157981

Winning Bid: 120,00

Highest bid: alboreto12

Breeder: Gebroeders Dekker

NL18-1157981 SON KING CEES from the OLR breeder KING CEES paired to the superlines from Scheele (SUPERBOY x 666) and van Dommelen (DE PAARSBORST)

Item condition: New



NL18-1157981 SON KING CEES


Sire: NL17-1746791 KING CEES

KING CEES is the father to two good OLR racers:

  • MEALY PRINCE, winner of:

7 Final OLR Derby Costa del Sol

8 Acepigeon Overall OLR Derby Costa del Sol

  • WILSON, winner of:

43 Semi-final Derby Costa del Sol

57 Final OLR Derby Costa del Sol

KING CEES is heavy inbred to ZILVERPENNE x BRENDA as he is bred from son x daughter of both fabulous pigeons from Cees Nijdeken.

ZILVERPENNE wins: 6.NPO Bergerac and 9.NPO St Vincent

BRENDA wins: 1.National Acepigeon Marathon NPO



Dam: NL17-1339124 DR ULTIMA

DR ULTIMA is from the 699 SUPERBOY from Gebr Scheele paired to a daughter of DE ULTIEME from Ko van Dommelen.

699 SUPERBOY is from SUPERBOY (!!) x daughter of the famous 666 from Henk Melis. 699 SUPERBOY is a brother to ACE GIRL, the 2.National Acepigeon Long Distance WHZB and he is halfbrother to MAGIC BOY, 1.National Acepigeon Long Distance in 2011.

699 SUPERBOY is paired to ULTIMA, a daughter of the ULTIEME, the father to DE PAARSBORST from Ko van Dommelen!


1.Nat Dax ZLU

1.Nat Lourdes timetrial

33.Nat Pau ZLU