m NL18-1157993

Winning Bid: 100,00

Highest bid: Dennis van de Velden

Breeder: Gebroeders Dekker

NL18-1157993 FIREFLY 993 from Acepigeons only! FIREFLY x COCO, two very talented yearling racers from the best lines of Gebr Dekker.

Item condition: New


NL18-1157993 FIREFLY 993


Sire: NL17-3710601 FIREFLY

FIREFLY is a brother of MATHIAS, 6.Acepigeon Sprint Young SS2, winning:

12 Arras 3.601

21 Niergnies 6.425

33 Peronne 7.507

FIREFLY wins in 2018:

10.NPO & 10.Provincial Gien 2.688

45.National S1 Gien 23.171



Dam: NL17-3710591 COCO

COCO is from YOUNG DANNY paired to CLAUDIA.

COCO is the winner of 1.Ace Allround in the club and 6.Ace Allround Region

YOUNG DANNY is the 3.National Acepigeon Young Topwings in 2014 and 1.Ace Sprint Region, 1.Ace Allround SS2, 5.Provincial Acepigeon Allround in 2016.

CLAUDIA is a superpigeon and wins:

2.Ace Allround SS2

2.Ace Sprint SS2

6.Provincial Sens 6.129

12.NPO Orleans 3.967

She is the mother to DIRK, winner of 1 Peronne 8.224