m NL18-1228791

Winning Bid: 1.500,00

Highest bid: Silverloft

Breeder: Gerard van Tuyl

NL18-1228791 BROER BLAUWE STER is a full brother to the 2 National Acepigeon Marathon Fondspiegel, from a super breedingpair!!

Item condition: New





This pigeon is a full brother of the BLAUWE STER, a superpigeon! They are children from the super pair BLAUWE EVENBEELD (son of RODICO!) x DE 902 (last daughter of the famous TWIN!). BLAUWE STER wins:

2 National Ace pigeon fondspiegel ZLU 2016-2017

9 National Ace pigeon ZLU 2016

5 National Ace pigeon Pau ZLU 3yr

21 Nat St Vincent ZLU

67 Nat Pau ZLU

210 Nat Pau ZLU

376 Nat Pau ZLU

209 Nat Perpignan ZLU

246 Nat St Vincent ZLU




BLAUWE EVENBEELD, the topbreeder of Gerard van Tuyl is a 100% look-alike son of RODICO, the 1.International Barcelona winner paired to a sister of NACHTVLINDER and MISS LEE-SEE (all from PERPIGNAN 27). BLAUWE EVENBEELD is father of:

2 National Ace pigeon fondspiegel ZLU 16-17

5 National Ace pigeon Pau 3yr

6 National Ace pigeon ZLU 2013

9 National Ace pigeon ZLU 2016

21 Nat St Vincent

21 Nat Pau

36 Nat Barcelona

37 Nat Perpignan

47 Nat Perpignan

67 Nat Pau, etc

RODICO, son of the stock breedingcouple DE THEO x LOES, wins:

1 National Barcelona 6.777 pigeons in 2006

1 International Barcelona 22.887 pigeons

RODICO is paired to a daughter of another famous stock breedingcouple DONKERE BRIVE x PERPIGNAN 27, winner of 11 prices at the marathon (never missed!) a.o. 3 International Perpignan against 20.859 pigeons!!



Dam: NL09-1375902 DE 902

DE 902 is a sister of the DAUWTRAP DUIVIN, the 1 Provincial Liomoges winner with 1,5 hour lead. DE 902 is from ZOON DONKERE BRIVE (= father of DAUWTRAP DUIVIN) paired to TINA (= last child of famous TWIN and the mother of DAUWTRAP DUIVIN).

DE 902 is mother of:

2 National Ace pigeon fondspiegel ZLU 16-17

5 National Ace pigeon Pau 3yr

9 National Ace pigeon ZLU 2016

21 Nat Orange

21 Nat St Vincent

21 Nat Pau

67 Nat Pau, etc

ZOON DONKERE BRIVE is a son of the famous DONKERE BRIVE (son of the BRIVE who wins 1 National Brive at Gerard van Tuyl) and he is paired to TINA. TINA is the last child of the famous TWIN who wins 3x first in the Long Distance club Utrecht en Omstreken. TWIN is paired to the BLAUWE BRIVE (sister of the 1st National St Vincent and sister of the BRIVE, 1 National Brive). All from the stock pigeons from Gebr. van Santvoort, the core of the Gerard van Tuyl strain.


1 Provincial Limoges (1,5 hr lead)

12 Nat Pau hens

33 Nat Perpignan hens

34 Nat Pau

44 Nat Barcelona hens

101 Nat Perpignan

161 Nat Barcelona










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