f NL18-1228793

Winning Bid: 710,00

Highest bid: TCC

Breeder: Gerard van Tuyl

NL18-1228793 TOETJE !!! is from ZOON ZINZI (father 7 National Narbonne 2016) x TOETJE (mother 5 National Perpignan 2018)….SUPER PIGEONS!

Item condition: New



NL18-1228793 TOETJE !!!


Sire: NL09-13875936 ZOON ZINZI

ZOON ZINZI is a son of the 3rd National St Vincent and the father of 7 National Narbonne 2016 (2 National Narbonne hens).

ZOON ZINZI is from halfbrother RODICO (from stockbreeder DE THEO!), winner of 1st International Barcelona, paired to BLACK ZINZI, winner 3rd National St Vincent.

The mother of BLACK ZINZI is DE LOES (from TWIN x PERPIGNAN 27), the superbreeding hen and mother of RODICO and BLACK ZINZI, the winner of:

3 National St Vincent in 2009

655 National Barcelona in 2010 clocked at 23:45pm

RODICO, the 1st International Barcelona winner is from DE THEO x DE LOES


ZOON ZINZI is from ALL THE BEST pigeons of Gerard van Tuyl, the beautifull old inbred strain of Theo Ernest, but still strong as steel as a daughter of ZOON ZINZI wins 2 National Narbonne hens and 7 National Narbonne in 2016.



Dam: NL12-1782119 TOETJE

TOETJE is the winner of:

1 National Narbonne hens in 2014

7 National Narbonne 6.650 pigeons

862 Nat Periqueux 8.523 pigeons (basketted two times and then put in the breedingloft!!).

TOETJE is the mother of 5th National Perpignan 2018 at Tim Hage!!



THEODORUS is a full brother of RODICO, the winner of 1st International Barcelona and he is the father to TOETJE, 1st National Narbonne hens and 7th National Narbonne 6.650 pigeons in 2014! He is from DE THEO x LOES ….the stock pair!

NACHTVLINDER is an extraordinary marathon hen! She is from DONKERE BRIVE x PERPIGNAN 27!! (pair of super stock breeders). NACHTVLINDER wins:

115 National Brive 7.497 pigeons, clocked at 01:54am!

178 National Angouleme 5.284 pigeons, clocked at 02:54am!

1 International Ace pigeon IFC 4000 in 2006

3 National Ace pigeon Barcelona 2006-2008

4 National Ace pigeon Perpignan 2006-2008

4 National Ace pigeon Perpignan 2005-2008

8 National Perpignan hens 1.356 pigeons

14 National Perpignan 4.719 pigeons

26 National Perpignan hens 2.978

40 National Barcelona hens 2.020

74 Nat Barcelona hens 2.247

98 Nat Barcelon 6.777

103 Nat Barcelona hens 2.298

218 Nat Barcelona 7.034

333 Nat Barcelona 7.520

502 Nat Perpignan 5.294

509 Nat Perpignan 5.622












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