f NL18-1545532

Winning Bid: 750,00

Highest bid: Limburger

Breeder: Benno Kastelein

NL18-1545532 LADY 430 SAAR is a SUPER EXCLUSIVE OFFER from son SUPERBREEDER SON MISS GIJSJE 430 x daughter SAAR 2.National Barcelona 2017!!!

Item condition: New



NL18-15445532 LADY 430 SAAR


Sire: NL16-1163873 ZOON MG430

ZOON MG430 is a direct son of the topbreeder SON MISS GIJSJE 430 from Jelle Jellema paired to his daughter ANNA (from SON MISS GIJSJE 430 x dr ORION x MIRNA, the topbreeders of Jellema).

SON MISS GIJSJE 430, a gift from Arjan Beens to Jelle Jellema, became one of the best breeders of marathon pigeons! He is the father of several extraordinary pigeons like EVI and SILKE. 

He is the (gr)father to winners of:

3 Internat. Narbonne 2016

8 Nat. Barcelona 2018

8 Nat Agen 2018

9 Nat. Perpignan 2016

10 Nat. Barcelona 2016

13 Nat. Marseille 2016

22 NPO St Vincent 2016

27 Nat. Perpignan 2015

30 Nat Agen 2018

SON MISS GIJSJE 430 is from the famous Arjan Beens hen OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE, the 1st Olympiad pigeon cat. Marathon in Nitra.


ANNA is the winner of:

13 Nat Marseille

22 NPO St Vincent

180 Nat Perpignan



Dam: NL17-1734909 SUPER SAAR

SUPER SAAR is a superb hen from DE BUFFEL x SAAR!! SUPER SAAR is a daughter of the 2 National Barcelona 2017, SAAR!!

De BUFFEL is one of the best marathon racers of Jellema and wins:

12 NPO Bergerac

15 NPO Periqieux

30 NPO Bergerac

111 NPO Aurillac

112 NPO Limoges


SAAR is the winner of 2 National Barcelona in 2017!!

She is a ggranddaughter of the superbreeding hen KLEIN KWEEKSTERTJE and she is a daughter of LAUREN, the winner of:

6 NPO Orange

8 Nat Cahors

96 NPO Bergerac

The brother of ZOON MISTRAL wins a 4 National Marseille. MISTRAL wins 5 National Perpignan, 8 Nat Carcasonne, 12 Nat Bergerac.


KLEIN KWEEKSTERTJE is the (ggr)mother to a.o.

SILVIE, winner of 3.National and 3.International Barcelona in 2014

SILKE, winner of 3.National Narbonne in 2016

DAFNE, winner of 3.National Perpignan in 2016

SAAR, winner of 2.National Barcelona in 2017

41. Nat Marseille 2011

61. Nat Orange 2011

81. NPO Bergerac 2014

94. Nat Marseille 2015

109. NPO Orange 2015

115. Nat Perpignan 2013

157. Nat Marseille 2017

182. Nat St Vincent 2016

195. Nat Barcelona 2015

275. Nat Perpignan 2016

421. Nat Barcelona 2013

457. Nat Barcelona 2012