m NL18-1545537

Winning Bid: 260,00

Highest bid: Johan

Breeder: Benno Kastelein

NL18-1545537 DAFNE’S BOY is a great inbred cock to DAFNE!! The nightflyer of Jelle Jellema and winner of 3 National Perpignan! Will he be the new foundation breeder at your loft?

Item condition: New



NL18-1545537 DAFNE’S BOY


Sire: NL17-1734854 INTEELT DAFNE

INTEELT DAFNE is a direct Jelle Jellema pigeon from brother x sister of DAFNE!!!

DAFNE is the nightflyer who arrived two times in the middle of the night at Jelle Jellema! That is no coincidence, that is pure quality and locked in the foundation of his strain!

DAFNE wins:

3 Nat Perpignan ZLU 4.027 pigeons arriving at 03:39AM

She is from topbreeder NEW JADE 1 (from NEW LAUREAAT x KLEINE JADE, bothe 1 International Barcelona winners!) paired to a daughter of ORION x SILVIE.

SILVIE is the winner of 3.National and 3.International Barcelona in  2014!



1 Nat. Barcelona 2013

1  Internat. Barcelona 2013



1 Nat. Barcelona 2014

1 International Barcelona 2014



Dam: NL17-1659439 DE BONTE HOEKS

The father of DE BONTE HOEKS is a brother of INTEELT DAFNE (the father of DAFNE’S BOY). Which means DAFNE’S BOY is a great inbred to one of the best pigeons currently at Jelle Jellema, DAFNE!!

The mother of DE BONTE HOEKS, the 947, is from the foundation pair and parents of many extraordinary pigeons at Arjan Beens, the golden breedingpair MR. BERGERAC x RIKA!! The 947 is a sister of OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE, DE JAN, ROOD MEISJE, MARIANNE…! The pigeons that made Arjan Beens worldfamous and twice International champion Grote Fond at De Duif. But also OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE was the 1st Olympiad pigeon in the category Marathon at the Olympiad in Nitra.

OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE is the mother to a few phenomenal breeders:

SON MISS GIJSJE 430 , the father of several super pigeons like EVI and SILKE. SON MISS GIJSJE 430 is (gr)father to winners of:

3 Internat. Narbonne 2016

8 Nat. Barcelona 2018

8 Nat Agen 2018

9 Nat. Perpignan 2016

10 Nat. Barcelona 2016

13 Nat. Marseille 2016

22 NPO St Vincent 2016

27 Nat. Perpignan 2015

30 Nat Agen 2018


DAUGHTER OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE 10-897 is the mother of Jelle Jellema’s first pigeon from Agen ZLU. But she is also the mother of:

12 NPO Bergerac

54 NPO Bergerac

126 NPO Bergerac

153 NPO Ruffec


Her nestmate SON MISS GIJSJE 898 (NL10-1221898) is the (gr)father of:

ROOS, winner of 3 National Barcelona in 2016…!

SILVIA, 1 Acepigeon Fondunie 2000

ERIN, 37 Nat. Barcelona 2016, 146 Nat. Perpignan 2015, etc

30 NPO Bergerac

42 NPO Limoges

68 NPO Bergerac

94 Nat. Marseille






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