u NL18-1545567

Winning Bid: 430,00

Highest bid: Rt

Breeder: Benno Kastelein

NL18-1545567 ROMEE TRIPPLE is one of the most beautiful in the auction! He is from a son of the top pair ROMAN x RENA paired to the mother (daughter LATE BLAUWE) of IRON MAN!!

Item condition: New





Sire: NL16-1163825 ZOON ROMAN X RENA

ZOON ROMAN X RENA is a direct Jelle Jellema pigeon from ROMAN x his daughter RENA!!

ROMAN is one of the topbreeders at Jelle Jellema. He is from BLAUWE BENNO x OLYMPIC ROMEE.


ROMAN is (gr)father to:

1 Acebird Marathon Long distance Union (fondunie 2000)

6 Nat/Int Pau

7 Nat/Int Pau

8 Nat Barcelona

30 Nat Marseille

RENA is from ROMAN x EVI!!!


RENA wins:

6 National/International Pau 2016

8 National Barcelona 2018

30 National Marseille 2016


EVI, was an extraordinairy marathon pigeon, as she won:

9.Nat Perpignan 2016

10.Nat Barcelona2016

27.Nat Perpignan 2015


EVI is the daughter of ZOON MISS GIJSJE 430 (son to OMG, Olympiad bird in Nitra 2011 from Arjan Beens) paired to another extraordinary hen of Jelle Jellema, SOPHIE, the winner of:

3.National Sint Vincent

13.National Sint Vincent

29.National Sint Vincent…!


ZOON MISS GIJSJE 430 is father to:

3.International Perpignan 2016

8.National Agen ZLU 2018

8.National Barcelona 2018

9.National Perpignan 2016

10.National Barcelona 2016

13.National Marseille 2016

22 NPO St Vincent 2016

27.National Perpignan 2015

30 Nat Agen 2018

62.NPO Bergerac 2014

111.NPO Aurillac 2015

180.National Perpignan 2016




Dam: NL16-1883308 KWEEKDUIFJE 308

KWEEKDUIFJE 308, Cees Nijdeken, is a daughter from the topbird of Cees, DE LATE BLAUWE paired to a daughter of the supercouple JOE FRAZIER x ROMEE!!

KWEEKDUIFJE 308 is the mother to IRON MAN!! IRON MAN wins 6.NPO Periqieux in 2018.


DE LATE BLAUWE, 100% Jellema wins:

1.Acebird Marathon Union

1 NPO St Vincent

2 NPO Bergerac

52 NPO Cahors


The mother of KWEEKDUIFJE 308 is from the supercouple JOE FRAZIER x OLYMPIC ROMEE.



2 Nat Cahors 15.704

2 NPO Cahors 1.358 TXT

4 NPO Bergerac 2.366 TXT

4 NPO St Vincent 1.295 TXT

10 NPO Albi 1.296 TXT

21 Nat. Albli 4.809

27 Nat Bergerac 20.517

37 Nat St. Vincent 22,229

2 Ace Pigeon Marathon Europacup Dortmund

4 National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel


JOE FRAZIER is (gr) father of:

7 NPO Agen

7 International Pau

12 NPO Agen

13 Nat Narbonne

15 NPO Agen

16 NPO Agen

18 NPO Agen

22 NPO Agen

22 NPO Cahors

23 National Perpignan

26 NPO Periqueux

32 National Pau

32 NPO Limoges

41 NPO Bergerac

41 National Narbonne



3 Nat. Bergerac 2013 10.327

3 Nat. Orange 2013 4.302

3 NPO St. Vincent 1.365

5 Nat. Brive 2014 7.241

6 Nat. Aurillac 2012 3.072

1 Olympiad Pigeon Marathon Nitra in Slovakia







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