m NL18-1751376

Winning Bid: 290,00

Highest bid: Rick te Morsche

Breeder: Gebroeders Jacobs

NL18-1751376 SUPERMAN is a highly exclusive child of FATHER BARRY x grdr SUPER BARCA 621.

Item condition: New



NL18-1751376 SUPERMAN


SUPERMAN is a highly exclusive child of FATHER BARRY x grdr SUPER BARCA 621. It is only the second time ever (last year on Pigeoncom also) that a child of FATHER BARRY is for sale online! BARRY is the topracer and super breeder of Comb. Verweij – deHaan and he is the father of BALOTELLI who wins 1.International Bordeaux/Agen. SUPERMAN is a full brother of 1.Provincial Cahors winner and 1/2brother of the 1.International Long Distance winner BALOTELLI.

(Quote from the website of National topfanciers Verweij-de Haan: “a very special bird is “Balotelli”. In 2015, this son of “Barry” won 1.International Bordeaux/Agen ZLU! Prior he has already won 5.NPO and 6.NPO Cahors. A unique bird!!”. As mentioned, the father of that unique bird is “Barry” directly from the Gebroeders Jacobs loft).


Sire: NL05-1187588 FATHER BARRY

FATHER BARRY is the grandfather of Verweij-de Haan’s famous BALOTELLI, winner of 1/7.135  International Bordeaux/Agen ZLU 2015.

FATHER BARRY is a proven breeder and (gg)father of:

1.International Agen

1.National Agen

1.Provincial Cahors

1.NPO Bordeaux

3.NPO Cahors

5.National Tarbes ZLU

5.NPO Cahors

6.NPO Cahors

8.National Bordeaux/Agen ZLU

10.International Agen

10.National Marseille

11.National Bordeaux

15.National S2 Cahors

28.National St Vincent

30.National Sint Vincent

39.National Cahors

47.National Bergerac


FATHER BARRY is from a son of DE BARCELONA who won 6, 12, 18 Provincial Barcelona! DE BARCELONA is the “Big boss of the Golden Barcelona bloodlines” of the Gebroeders Jacobs. Also

3.National Barcelona is offspring of these great bloodlines!

SON BARCELONA is paired with another extraordinairy pigeon of the Jacobs brothers: the Tripple Provincial/Sector 2 TXT winner 530! At present you will find the bloodlines of this sublime bird

in many topracers of Gebr Jacobs, Verweij-deHaan, Gertjan Rigter, etc. She is daughter of the “Teletext couple 381 x 351”, who’s offspring won 11x TT NPO. The 381 is a full brother of 3.National

(15.International) Barcelona! FATHER BARRY is inbreed to these great Barcelona bloodlines!




Dam: NL17-1128633 KLDR SUPER BARCA 621


513 BREEDER is a son of the super breedingpair: SUPER BARCA 621 x GOLDEN LADY 619.


2004-1855621 SUPER BARCA 621 is an extremely good breeder and is (ggr)father of:

1.National Acebird Long Distance ZLU

1.Provincial Marseille

1.Provincial (3.NPO) Cahors

1.Provincial Acebird Long Distance

1.International Narbonne

1.National Narbonne

1.Interprovincial Marseille

2.National Barcelona

2.International Perpignan

2.National Perpignan

2.National Agen ZLU

2.Provincial Acebird Long Distance

3.National Bordeaux/Agen ZLU

3.NPO Bordeaux

3.NPO S2 Bergerac

3.NPO Cahors

4.National Barcelona

4.National Pau

4.National Perpignan

4.NPO Sint Vincent

5.International Barcelona

6.International Barcelona

6.NPO Sint Vincent

6.NPO Cahors

7.NPO Bordeaux

8.National Pau

8.NPO Bordeaux

9.International Pau

10.NPO Limoges

12.National Marseille ZLU

16.NPO Cahors

17.National Pau ZLU

19.International Pau

23.National Sint Vincent ZLU

24.National Narbonne ZLU

24.National Perpignan

25.National Pau ZLU

26.National Sint Vincent ZLU


GOLDEN LADY 619 is the (ggr)mother of:

1.Provincial Acebird Long Distance 2010

2.National Barcelona

2.National Agen ZLU

3.National S2 Bergerac

5.International Barcelona

5.National Pau hens

6.National S2 Sint Vincent

16.NPO Cahors

23.National Sint Vincent ZLU

25.National Pau ZLU

26.National Sint Vincent ZLU


LATE RINUS is from INBRED 509 x LICHTE 77 .

INBRED 509 is an inbred grandson of DE 509, the 1.Provincial Acebird long distance Noord-Holland with 1.Prov Bordeaux, 1.Prov Bordeaux and 2.Prov Marseille.

LICHTE 77 is a granddaughter of the superpair SUPER BARCA 621 x GOLDEN LADY 619. Also she is a descandent of the MONT VENTOUX, winner of:

2.National Mont Ventoux

5.Provincial Perpignan


MONT VENTOUX is a splendid breeder, as he is (g)father of:

1.National S2 Cahors

2.National Barcelona

2.National Agen ZLU

2.National Perpignan

2.International Perpignan

5.International Barcelona

5.National S2 Cahors

14.National Mont de Marsan

19.National Tarbes ZLU

29.National Bergerac

31.National Cahors

32.National Mont de Marsan


MONT VENTOUX is paired with PAU LADY 820, the daughter of the superpair SUPER BARCA 621 x GOLDEN LADY 619. PAU LADY is the nestsister of LE ST VINCENT and she is g)mother of:

2.National Barcelona

2.National Agen ZLU

3.National Bergerac

5.International Barcelona








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