m NL18-1751835

Winning Bid: 550,00

Highest bid: Profair

Breeder: Gertjan Rigter

NL18-1751835 DENNIE 35 is from two of the best pigeons from Gertjan Rigter, HENNIE x DENISE, the best crossbreeding of Jacobs x Volkens.

Item condition: New



NL18-1751835 DENNIE 35


DENNIE 35 is from two of the best pigeons from Gertjan Rigter, HENNIE x DENISE, the best crossbreeding of Jacobs x Volkens.


Sire: NL12-1446524 HENNIE

HENNIE is a very good marathon pigeon and wins:

40 National Marseille 2015

73 National Pau 2015

32 National ZLU Ace pigeon 2015

61 National Bergerac 2013

HENNIE is a full cousin of the 742 from the Gebroeders Jcobs, Nes ad Amstel. The 742 is the 1 National ZLU Ace in 2015. He wins:

3 National Agen ZLU

12 National Marseille ZLU


HENNIE is bred from a Nico Volkens cock paired to one of the best breeding hens of Gebr Jacobs, the GOLDEN 94, a direct daughter of the GOLDEN PAIR 621 x 619!!

The GOLDEN 94 is a full sister of LE SINT VINCENT, winner of:

6 NPO St Vincent 4.299

23 Nat St Vincent 3.741

26 Nat St Vincent 2.751

66 NPO St Vincent 3.565

16 NPO Cahors 4.159


Father of the GOLDEN 94 is the superbreeder SUPER BARCA 621, who is a direct son of the famous BETUWEKOPPEL.

SUPER BARCA 621 is (gr)father of:

1.National Acebird Long Distance, 1.Provincial Marseille, 1.Provincial (3.NPO) Cahors, 1.Provincial Acebird Long Distance, 2.Provincial Acebird Long Distance, 3.National Bordeaux/Agen ZLU,

3.NPO Bordeaux, 3.NPO S2 Bergerac, famous breedinghen 2007-1621801 ((GrMo) 4.National (6.International) Barcelona, 8.National (9.International) Pau), 4.National Pau, 4.NPO Sint Vincent,

6.NPO Sint Vincent, 6.NPO Cahors, 7.NPO Bordeaux, 8.NPO Bordeaux, 12.National Marseille ZLU, 16.NPO Cahors, 17.National Pau ZLU, 23.National Sint Vincent ZLU, 24.National Narbonne

ZLU, 24.National Perpignan, 25.National Pau ZLU, 26.National Sint Vincent ZLU.4


Mother of GOLDEN 94 is the GOLDEN LADY 619, the (gr)mother of 1.Provincial Acebird Long Distance 2010, 3.National S2 Bergerac, 6.National S2 Sint Vincent, 16.NPO Cahors, 23.National

Sint Vincent ZLU, 25.National Pau ZLU, 26.National Sint Vincent ZLU.




Dam: NL15-1552967 DENISE

DENISE was basketted two times for a marathon race in 2017 and wins 2x 1:100, 5 and 8 Provincial in the best long distance Province in The Netherlands!!

She is a super pigeon!!


DENISE wins in 2017:

5 Provincial Perpignan 506 pigeons

24 National Perpignan 5.958

8 Provincial Agen ZLU 1.203

99 National Agen ZLU 5.935

DENISE is from a strong inbred pair to the 100 x 10 of Nico Volkens, SUPERINBRED VOLKENS (the halfbrother of CARO, winner of 12 National Agen ZLU in 2015) x



MICRO is the halfbrother of the winner of:

1 Provincial Montpellier

3 National S2 Montpellier

She is the mother of 51 National St Vincent.







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