m NL18-1787495

Winning Bid: 160,00

Highest bid: Gio

Breeder: M. & R. Tekin

NL18-1787495 FELLE SULTAN 495 is from a son of 1 International Perpignan winner DE SULTAN paired to a daughter of the golden Jellema couple: son ZWART GOUD x daughter ORION!!

Item condition: New



NL18-1787495 FELLE SULTAN 495


FELLE SULTAN 495 is from a son of 1 International Perpignan winner DE SULTAN paired to a daughter of the golden Jellema couple: son ZWART GOUD x daughter ORION!!


Sire: NL16-1884987 ZOON SULTAN DAX 970

ZOON SULTAN DAX 970 is a son of the super couple DE SULTAN x INTEELT DAX DUIVIN, the mother of the FIRST LADY!!

DE SULTAN is the master of the breedingloft! This super pigeon is the winner of:

1 National Perpignan 2016

1 International Perpignan 12.698

His father is a very good Barcelona & Perpignan pigeon called BARCA, winner of:

95 Nat Perpignan 6.414 in 2014 (1st pigeon in regional ZLU basketting center)

228 National Barcelona 5.423 in 2014


The father of DE SULTAN is BARCA who was paired to a grdaughter of DE PAARSBORST from Ko van Dommelen & GOLDEN GIRL from the old Aarden/Barendrecht lines of Batenburg & Zn.

DE PAARSBORST is the winner of:

1 National Dax 3.200 in 2006

3 International Dax 11.235

1 National Lourdes timetrial in 2005

33 National Pau 3.077 in 2005

208 National Perpignan 6.299 in 2005


INTEELT DAX DUIVIN is the mother of FIRST LADY, winner of:

2 Provincial Noord Holland 445

2 National Perpignan

2 International Perpignan 12.689

13 Provincial Agen ZLU Noord-Holland 1.090

22 Interprovincial Agen ZLU Fondunie 2.264

1 Provincial Ace ZLU Noord-Holland in 2016




Dam: NL16-1884933 STIP ORION 933

STIP ORION 933 is a 100% Jelle Jellema pigeon from a super couple MISTER ZWART GOUD x ORIONA. THE BEST OF JELLEMA…!

MISTER ZWART GOUD is a son of ZWART GOUD x METTE and he is the grandfather of MADAME AGEN 777, the winner of:

3 Interprovincial Agen ZLU 2.714 in 2017

23 National Agen ZLU 6.219


ZWART GOUD is the #1 foundation breeder from Jelle Jellema. He is (gr)father to a large number of super pigeons and winners of endless top prices on the marathon.

ZWART GOUD is the (gr)father to:


ORION, 6 Nat. Bergerac, 7 Nat. St Vincent


KLEINE JADE, 1 Nat. en 1 Int. Barcelona

1 NPO Ruffec

2 NPO Ruffec

6 Nat Bergerac

6 Nat Brive

7 Nat St Vincent


ORIONA is the mother of COOL MAN 705, the winner of:

5 Provincial Noord-Holland Agen ZLU 1.090

8 Interprovincial Agen ZLU Fondunie 2.264

21 National Agen ZLU 4.679

63 International Agen ZLU 11.826


ORIONA is from ORION x MIRNA, the top pair of Jelle Jellema.

ORION is a super pigeon and winner of:

6 Nat Bergerac

7 Nat St Vincent

48 NPO Ruffec

51 NPO Ruffec

79 NPO Ruffec

129 NPO Ruffec

ORION is a son of Jelle Jellema’s foundation pair ZWART GOUD x 02.


MIRNA is a wonderful hen and a direct daughter from the second foundation pair of Jelle Jellema: BERGERAC DOFFER x BLAUWE DAME!

BERGERAC DOFFER is winner of:

1 FCC Bergerac

5 Nat Bergerac


BERGERAC DOFFER is the father of:

11 Nat Bergerac

15 Nat Limoges

20 Nat Pau

20 Nat St Vincent