f NL18-1787517

Winning Bid: 200,00

Highest bid: Tivcheb

Breeder: M. & R. Tekin

NL18-1787517 SULTANS CORRY 517 is from the best of Cor de Heijde, inbreed DON MICHEL paired to the best of M.&R. Tekin, DE SULTAN x FIRST LADY…!!

Item condition: New



NL18-1787517 SULTANS CORRY 517


SULTANS CORRY 517 is from the best of Cor de Heijde, inbreed DON MICHEL paired to the best of M.&R. Tekin, DE SULTAN x FIRST LADY…!!


Sire: NL17-1360365 COR 365

COR 365 is a fantastic new breeder from a daughter x grandson of the famous DON MICHEL from Cor de Heijde.


The father of COR 365 is a son of DON MICHEL paired to MEDUSA.

The mother of COR 365 is a daughter of DON MICHEL!!

DON MICHEL is the winner of:

17 National Perpignan 5.479

21 National Perpignan 7.195

39 National Dax 3.755

41 International Perpignan 18.426

58 National Dax 5.617




Dam: NL17-1164734 KLEINKRAS SULTAN 734

KLEINKRAS SULTAN 734 is a daughter of DE SULTAN paired to the FIRST LADY!! THE PERPIGNAN COUPLE, 1 + 2 International Perpignan 2016!!


DE SULTAN is the master of the breedingloft! This super pigeon is the winner of:

1 National Perpignan 2016

1 International Perpignan 12.698

His father is a very good Barcelona & Perpignan pigeon called BARCA, winner of:

95 Nat Perpignan 6.414 in 2014 (1st pigeon in regional ZLU basketting center)

228 National Barcelona 5.423 in 2014


BARCA, the father of DE SULTAN was paired to a grdaughter of DE PAARSBORST from Ko van Dommelen & GOLDEN GIRL from the old Aarden/Barendrecht lines of Batenburg & Zn.

DE PAARSBORST is the winner of:

1 National Dax 3.200 in 2006

3 International Dax 11.235

1 National Lourdes timetrial in 2005

33 National Pau 3.077 in 2005

208 National Perpignan 6.299 in 2005


FIRST LADY, winner of:

2 Provincial Noord Holland 445

2 National Perpignan

2 International Perpignan 12.689

13 Provincial Agen ZLU Noord-Holland 1.090

22 Interprovincial Agen ZLU Fondunie 2.264

1 Provincial Ace ZLU Noord-Holland in 2016


KLEINE PETERTJE is from PETERTJE, the cock of the famous BETUWEKOPPEL paired to a daughter of the SUPER BARCA 621, winner of:

9 National Perpignan

15 National Barcelona

1 National Ace Perpignan 3 years


SUPER BARCA 621, from the Gebroeders Jacobs and a son of the BETUWEKOPPEL, is the (ggr)father to:

1.National Ace Marathon/ZLU

1.(Inter-)provincial Marseille

1.Provincial Cahors

1.Provincial Ace Marathon/ZLU

2.Provincial Ace Marathon

3.National Bordeaux/Agen ZLU

3.NPO Bordeaux

3.NPO Cahors

3.National S2 Bergerac

4.National Barcelona

4.National Pau

4.NPO Sint Vincent

6.NPO Sint Vincent

6.NPO Cahors

6.International Barcelona

7.NPO Bordeaux

8.National Pau

8.NPO Bordeaux

9.International Pau

10.NPO Limoges

12.National Marseille

16.NPO Cahors

17.National Pau

23.National Sint Vincent

24.National Narbonne

24.National Perpignan

25.National Pau

26.National Sint Vincent, etc, etc…