f NL19-1671123

Winning Bid: 160,00

Highest bid: Jnb


NL19-1671123 ** TOPPER 123 ** is a great hen! Very nice in the hand and she comes from a son to GIANLUCA BRAMBILLA, winner of 3 National Agen ZLU paired to a daughter to superbreeder MESSI x daughter ZOON MISS GIJSJE 430 x EVI !!

Item condition: New



NL19-1671123 ** TOPPER 123 **



Sire: NL18-1132893 ** ZOON 3 NAT AGEN ZLU **

** ZOON 3 NAT AGEN ZLU ** is direct Frank Hage, from his topracer GIANLUCA BRAMBILLA !!!


GIANLUCA BRAMBILLA is the winner of:

3 Nat Agen ZLU ’17

33 Nat Perpignan ’19

84 Nat Narbonne ’16

186 Nat Agen ZLU ’14

243 Nat Agen ZLU ’16


The mother of ZOON 3 NAT AGEN ZLU is the winner of:

115 Nat Perpignan ’18

220 Nat Agen ZLU ’18

429 Nat Agen ZLU ’17

She is from a halfbrother to MARTINE (Louis Vollebrecht), 1st National Ace ZLU 2014 paired to a granddaughter to ZWART GOUD (Jelle Jellema).




Dam: NL18-1093760 ** DOCHTER MESSI **

** DOCHTER MESSI ** comes from stockbreeder MESSI paired to DOCHTER 430 x EVI !!


SUPERBREEDER MESSI from Familie Toom is the (gr)father to:

1.National Ace Agen ZLU 16-17-18

4.National Ace St Vincent ZLU 14-15-16

6.National Ace Barcelona 15-16-17

1.National Agen

5.National Bergerac

8.National Bergerac

14.National Cahors

25.National Agen ZLU

26.National Agen ZLU

26.National Agen ZLU

27.National Pau

27.National Agen ZLU

28.National Cahors

30.National Cahors

39.National Agen

51.National Agen ZLU

59.National Pau

65.National Marseille

71.National Barcelona


DOCHTER 430 X EVI (sold on Pipa for euro 22,000.-) from Jelle Jellema comes from superbreeder ZOON MISS GIJSJE 430 paired to his daughter EVI.

ZOON MISS GIJSJE 430 (original Arjan Beens) is a SUPERBREEDER at Jelle Jellema!!

He is (g)father to:

3 Nat Narbonne 5.042

8 Nat Agen ZLU ’18

9 Nat Perpignan 4.027

10 Nat Barcelona 5.339

13 Nat Marseille 3.320

14 Nat Pau ’19

22 Nat Marseille ’19

22 NPO St Vincent

27 Nat Perpignan 5.589

30 Nat Agen ZLU ’18 yearlings


His best daughter EVI is the winner of:

9 Nat Perpignan 4.027

10 Nat Barcelona 5.339

27 Nat Perpignan 5.589








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