Supertrio I

m NL20-1545503

Winning Bid: 150,00

Highest bid: domma

Strain: Paauwe - v Dommelen - vd WegenNL

NL20-1545503 SUPERTRIO I is a SUPER pigeon with a fantastic pedigree! SUPERTRIO I has the best genes of the Chris Paauwe marathon pigeons ! He is a son of SON KIM (KIM is the winner of the 2nd National Dax – raced by Chris Paauwe) paired to a daughter of PIER (the winner of the 2nd National Agen ZLU – raced by Chris Paauwe) x GIANT LADY (the 5th International Ace Marseille – raced by Chris Paauwe) !



NL20-1545503 SUPERTRIO I




SON KIM is a son of top pigeon ** KIM ** !

KIM is the winner of:

2 National s1 Dax 4.788

3 National overall Dax 10.429


KIM is a daughter of DE FRANS (the basic breeder of the old van der Wegen strain of Chris Paauwe) paired to the NIEUWE NARBONNE (original Ko van Dommelen).

Top breeder DE FRANS is the winner of 36 National Cahors 13.185 and he is the father of:

2 National Dax 4.788

3 National Dax overall 10.430

21 NPO Agen 1.147

84 NPO Sint Vincent 2.570

88 National Perpignan 4.789

188 National Agen ZLU 5.754


The mother of KIM is a daughter of the NIEUWE NARBONNE, a full brother of Ko van Dommelen’s NARBONNE, winner of 1st National Narbonne 3.968 pigeons (a very hard race) !

The NARBONNE is the winner of:

1st National Ace Narbonne ’10-’12

1 National Narbonne 3.968 ’11

22 National Narbonne 3.850 ’10

182 National Narbonne 4.303 ’12





DAUGHTER PIER X GL is a daughter of two (of the three) best pigeons in the loft of Chris Paauwe: PIER and GIANT LADY ! The third topper is KIM !

PIER : 2 National Agen ZLU

GIANT LADY : 5th International Ace Marseille


**PIER** is the winner of:

2 National Agen ZLU 6.219 ’17

9 International Agen 12.158

PIER is a son of SON SHU/FATHER PIER, an original Jelle Jellema pigeon (= son of topper SHU, who is a son of INTEELT OHRAN x INTEELT SAFFIER).

SON SHU/FATHER PIER is father of:

2 National Agen

9 International Agen

50 NPO Agen

171 National Narbonne

199 National Pau


His father SHU is the winner of 9 National Sint Vincent ’10 (raced by Jelle Jellema).

A brother of MOTHER PIER is the father of the 1st National BARCELONA ’10 Belgium 12.756 (= 2 International Barcelona 25.878 !!) – raced by Bart Verdeyen.


**GIANT LADY** is a super Marseille pigeon. She is the winner of:

5th International Ace Marseille ’15-’16

24th National Ace Marseille ’14-’16

5 National Marseille hens 1.016

14 National Marseille 3.320

16 National Marseille hens 878

87 National Marseille 3.610


Her father is inbred to BLACK GIANT (original H.J. Eijerkamp & Zn). BLACK GIANT is the winner of the 1st National Bergerac ’95 !

Her mother is from the line of the PERPIGNAN II (H. Wijnands & Zn) paired to a daughter of SALINERO (H. Wijnands & Zn).




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