The Topper

m NL20-1783024

Winning Bid: 250,00

Highest bid: Martijn de Kruijf

Strain: Frank HageNL

NL20-1783024 THE TOPPER is a son of the Agen & Narbonne Ace pair NASTRO AZZURO (7 Nat Agen ZLU, 57 Nat Narbonne, 206 Nat Agen ZLU) and BLUE CURACAO (60 Nat Agen ZLU, 183 Nat Narbonne, 207 Nat Narbonne, 213 Nat Agen ZLU) !


NL20-1783024 THE TOPPER




NASTRO AZZURO is the winner of:

7 National Agen ZLU (yearlings) 4.776 ’18

57 National Narbonne 6.725 ’20

206 National Agen ZLU 6.844 ’20

770 National Narbonne ’19

NASTRO AZZURO is a son of top breeder BONTE TROOST (- original Tim Hage) paired to VINOLIEN (- original Comb. Baas-Berg).

BONTE TROOST is a direct son of one of the best proven breeding pairs of Tim Hage, MILOTO I x KWEEKSNOEPJE.


MILOTO 1 is the father of:

> BONTE PRINSES 4. Nat St Vincent 2012

> TARBY (232) TXT National Tarbes S2

> and many other top100 winners at ZLU and NPO afternoon release S2.

MILOTO 1 is a direct son of the top breeder MILOS (Verweij-de Haan) paired to a daughter of DE TOON.


HET KWEEKSNOEPJE is a very important and succesful breedinghen at the loft of Tim Hage. She is a direct daughter of the breeding wonder KOUTERSDUIVIN (= (gr)mother of 4x 1st National)

HET KWEEKSNOEPJE is the nestmate of the mother to super pigeon TINKER BELL.


1. National Cahors

9. National Tarbes

57. National Tarbes

HET KWEEKSNOEPJE is a daughter of the topbreeder: SCHALLIE x KOUTERSDUIVIN.


VINOLIEN is a daughter of VINO (Comb. Baas – Berg).

VINO is the winner of:

1 National Cahors 15.704

5 National Cahors 9.832

29 National Bergerac 5.105


VINO is (gr)father of:

1.Provincial Agen ZLU Noord-Holland

1.Interprovincial Agen Fondunie 2000

4.NPO Bordeaux

7.National Bordeaux 2017

7.National Agen ZLU 4.776

11.Provincial Narbonne Noord-Holland

13.National Agen ZLU 6.211






BLUE CURACAO is the winner of:

60 National Agen ZLU 4.776 ’18

183 National Narbonne 6.725 ’20

207 National Narbonne 3.829 ’19

213 National Agen ZLU 6.844 ’20

1004 National Agen ZLU 5.214 ’19

BLUE CURACAO is a daughter of JOHNNY WALKER (Comb./John vd Steen) paired to INTEELT BLAUWE DAX (Peter de Haan).

JOHNNY WALKER is a son of T BORDEAUXTJE paired to her grandson. T BORDEAUXTJE is the 2nd National Ace Bordeaux ZLU ’06-’08.


INTEELT BLAUWE DAX is a daughter of the famous  BLAUWE DAX (Peter de Haan, in the period before he formed a team with Michel Verweij) x his daughter AMAZONE!

BLAUWE DAX is a real superbreeder as he is the father of 4 different TXT pigeons on the marathon.

AMAZONE is a daughter of the BLAUWE DAX and wins:

1 Provincial Montauban Noord-Holland

5 Provincial Irun Noord-Holland




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