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Walter (PWA) v.d. Meulen – Sirjansland

Ring number: NL21-2149391


This Barcelona topper donates a youngster 2021: see the top pedigree !! The father is a brother of the 1st National Barcelona and the mother is the winner of the 5th National Barcelona … !!


Walter van der Meulen has been a topper on the afternoon release flights in Zeeland and also on Barcelona for many years. His pigeon friends Jacky and Leen de Bruyne from Nieuwerkerk won National Barcelona with a 100% vd Meulen pigeon ! This pigeon was bred by Walter.

Walter has become a phenomenon on the Koninginnevlucht Barcelona in recent years. Besides the 1st national Barcelona in 2018 and the 2nd and 26th national Barcelona 2019 from Jacky and Leen de Bruyne, Walter himself won:

9 National Barcelona 2013

10, 104, 126 National Barcelona 2014

154 National Barcelona 2015

32 National Barcelona 2017

17, 66, 137 National Barcelona 2018

21 National Barcelona 2019

Walter has always basketted a maximum of 3 to 9 pigeons on these flights and if you take so many top prizes, it shows the strength of his pigeons on this iconic Classic.
Walter also won the 1st National Bergerac of the whole of the Netherlands against 24,043 pigeons. We are dealing with a phenomenal loft !!!!


Walter won in 2020: 7, 8 National Bordeaux against 10,637 pigeons

And in 2021:

121 National St. Vincent against 5,290 pigeons (50% prize)

21, 43 National Bordeaux against 8,228 pigeons

26 National Dax against 5,612 pigeons

5, 19, 70 and 82 National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons and in total 22 prizes out of 31 basketted pigeons – FANTASTIC !!





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