Winning Bid: 750,00

Highest bid: ToHu



Winkens & Rothenburg – Itteren

Ring number: NL21-1397193


The donation of Winkens-Rothenburg is awesome ! A child of TED, the winner of the 1st National Agen ZLU ’21 !!

(the nestbrother of TED is the winner of the 5th National Agen on the same flight !!)


Jacques Winkens decided to only race the extreme long distance flights since 1996. It started with the pigeons of the late Hennie van Brienen from Swalmen, who at the time was a great champion in the provincial one-day long distance flights. The successful  Swalmenaar  built up his loft exclusively with pigeons from the illustrious Belgian cracks Martin van Tuyn out Schoten and Jos van de Bosch out Berlaar. The blood of these purebred horses still flows through the champion formation of Itteren. Jac got the pigeons from van Brienen from his well-known brother and fellow villager Harrie Winkens. Pigeons from Gebroeders Saya and Wijnands & zn came also on the loft. And the latest acquisitions are from Ludo Verstraeten and Fons Lanckohr.

In the 20 years that Jacques has raced marathon flights, he won a great amount of early prizes. The top resuts of this top loft are:

11th National St. Vincent ’15
32nd and 46th NPO Bergerac ’15
21st and 51st NPO Cahors ’15
1st National Tarbes ’15

9th, 24th 27th, 45th, 50th NPO Valence ’16
21st National Agen ZLU old ’16
17th National Agen ZLU yearlings ’16
58th and 59th NPO Bergerac ’16
2nd and 35th NPO Cahors ’16
20th National Narbonne ’16

6th and 11th NPO Limoges ’17
6th, 13th and 40th NPO Bergerac ’17
9th and 46th National Agen ZLU old ’17
58th National Agen ZLU yearlings ’17
51st National Barcelona ’17
5th, 45th and 48th NPO Cahors ’17
10th and 56th National Narbonne ’17

29th National Bergerac against more than 21,000 pigeons ’18
32nd and 33rd NPO Bergerac with morning release ’18
2nd, 13th, 40th, 43rd, 48th and 53rd Bergerac against 2,766 pigeons ’18
9th, 31st, 41st, 42nd and 43rd Bordeaux against 1,463 pigeons ’18

115th National St. Vincent against 5,451 pigeons ’19
123rd National Bordeaux against 8.815 pigeons ’19
125th National Agen ZLU against 7,245 pigeons ’19
154th and 192nd National Barcelona against 4,129 pigeons ’19
6th National Dax against 4,596 pigeons ’19
13th, 20th and 25th Prov. Cahors against 1,648 pigeons ’19
81st National Cahors against 3,705 pigeons ’19
57th and 62nd Provincial Bergerac against 2,268 pigeons ’19

165th National St. Vincent against 5,578 pigeons ’20
11th and 16th Provincial Bergerac against 2.055 pigeons ’20
110th National Barcelona against 4,477 pigeons ’20
134th National Bergerac against 4,194 pigeons ’20
99th National Bergerac against 8,987 pigeons ’20

18th and 31st Provincial Limoges against 1,654 pigeons ’21
6th and 13th National Bordeaux against 8,228 pigeons ’21
1st, 5th, 61st, 78th and 90th National Agen ZLU yearlings against 6,804 pigeons ’21
23rd, 51st and 72nd National Agen ZLU old against 6,896 pigeons ’21
6th National Narbonne against 8,188 pigeons ’21
20th, 77th, 102nd and 104th National Bergerac against 11,632 pigeons ’21


What an impressive list !!! Is there anyone who did it better >?




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