Armin Schmidt

Armin Schmidt

Armin Schmidt – Heimbach – Germany

Armin started in 2013 with direct Noël Peiren pigeons! Every year Armin obtained a few pigeons from Noel Peiren from his best pigeons and currently he has 50 direct Peirens! Since the beginning he is very succesful with the pigeons from Peiren, and within two years he belongs to the best German fanciers on the “Weitstrecke”, the extreme long distance.

Armin’s loft is called “Filialschlag von Noël Peiren” which is no overstatement when you look at the qualitypigeons that he has in his breedingloft from the great Belgium champion:

– a  son and daughter of the Magic Barcelona, the Barcelona winner in 2015 in Belgium against 7.774 pigeons and the 2nd International against 19.089 pigeons

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