Comb. Hommes

Comb. Hommes

Comb. J. Hommes & Znn – Akersloot

The best Overall (morning & afternoon release) Marathon loft of The Netherlands in 2018!!

The Comb. Hommes & Znn are father Jan, Nick and Rens. Jan is married to Engelien and together have 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. Jan (61) is from the age of 14 in the pigeons and is professionally an inventor in the construction industry, Nick (27) from the age of 16 in the pigeons and safety expert and Rens (19) has grown up between the pigeons and is student carpenter. The three of them practice the sport and get help from friend Nico who closes the lofts during the day when the three men are working. Read more…

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