Pigeoncom organizes top auctions of top pigeons of top fanciers, also we organize total sales of toplofts or offer youngsters bred from top pigeons. These pigeons should not have any health issue and must arrive at the customer in top condition!! Both the seller and Pigeoncom must be highly valued by customer satisfaction. The buyer must be happy with his gain.

Customer satisfied = seller satisfied = Pigeoncom satisfied

The quality and health of the pigeon is the responsibility of the seller. His / her reputation is at stake and Pigeoncom trusts the seller to do everything possible to get top-material in perfect condition on his / her auction. However, in order to avoid accidental deliberations, a delivery protocol has been prepared.

1.  The pigeons stay at the seller. If the seller wishes to deliver the pigeons to Pigeoncom in exceptional cases, this is only possible after mutual agreement between the two parties. Only in very exceptional cases, in cases of force majeure, it is possible for the seller to deliver the pigeons to Pigeoncom later than the middle weekend. In that case, after consultation and only by agreement of both parties. The pigeons thrive best in their own environment. Certainly (late bred) young pigeons may suffer from stressful conditions such as transport and suddenly stay in another environment (between or near other pigeons) and get health problems. Of course, that should be avoided as much as possible.

2.  The seller agrees Pigeoncom taking care of the logistic handling, possibly in cooperation with Duivendirect/Duivenkoerier/Henk de Vries/Dragos Chiritescu and others. There are two options for delivering your pigeons to Pigeoncom: a) The pigeons are delivered by the seller at Pigeoncom itself b) The pigeons are picked up by Pigeoncom / Duivendirect for a fee paid by the seller. For more information, see the terms and conditions or contact us at info@pigeoncom.com. In any case you pay “cash on delivery” and direct to the driver picking up your pigeons.

3.  Regarding item 2a and 2b, it is the express intention that the pigeons will be present at Pigeoncom in the weekend between the start and end of your auction! Your pigeons will be checked for any visible health problems. We will also check if your pigeons offered have been vaccinated against PMV (Paramyxo virus) and a transfer statement will be signed by seller and Pigeoncom at the moment, which provides room for any general comments or comments regarding health of an individual pigeon upon transfer between seller and Pigeoncom.

4.  During the delivery weekend, the pigeons to be auctioned or sold must be present at Pigeoncom Logistics, Liergouw 12, Schellingwoude. Please contact (+31)(0)622506291 to schedule an appointment.

5.  All (!) pigeons which are to be auctioned must be vaccinated against Paramixovirus. There must be (!) a fully completed and signed official grading list (original or copy), which contains all the ring numbers of the auctioning or selling pigeons. This comes in Pigeoncom’s administration and may be used for the health statements required for foreign shipments.

6.  Seller must also provide a list of ring numbers of the pigeons to be sold/auctioned upon delivery.

7.  The pigeons are viewed individually by Pigeoncom upon delivery. All pigeons are given a short visual health check, checked whether the card and certificate are present and check that the ring number is on the list. The pigeon is removed from the seller’s list of ring numbers. This list will be accredited by the seller and Pigeoncom afterwards.

8.  By delivery, both parties, seller and Pigeoncom, sign a document that shows the pigeons to be sold/auctioned are transferred to Pigeoncom.

9.  Pigeoncom expects seller to deliver the pigeons clean of trichomonas (please provide the pigeons a trichomonas tick before delivery), worms, cocs and ecto parasites (endo ecto drop). Have them investigate in time and treat them if necessary! In case of health issues it will damage both our good names!

10.  In the event of serious doubt regarding health, Pigeoncom reserves the right at all times to refuse the relevant pigeon or pigeons.

11.  Make sure the pigeons are well constructed and please do not place pigeons with clearly visible defects (whole open bump, two pieces, bad plume) in the auction. That is at the expense of your reputation. Here too we reserve the right to refuse the pigeon.

12.  Regarding the age of the pigeon to be sold or auctioned, we do not advise to sell or auction too young pigeons. The pigeon must be stable, slightly grown and not have childhood diseases. Often he or she is awaiting a long journey. Advice age 3 months!



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