Bidding and buying on Pigeoncom is fast and easy!

Before you can start bidding on Pigeoncom, you will have to create an account via the registration page and follow the necessary steps. You’ll have to provide your email address, full name and phonenumber. Once you’ve registered an account, you will have to confirm your email. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. (Depending on your provider, receiving this email may take several minutes or you may have to check your spam folder!) When you’re done with your registration, you are ready to participate in our auctions.

In any case of having trouble to register at Pigeoncom, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Good Luck! 祝你好運 Bonne chance! がんばろう Viel Glück! Mult noroc! Buena suerte! Късмет! Powodzenia! โชคดี! Held og lykke! Удачи! Sok szerencsét! In bocca al lupo! Boa sorte!


Rules of Procedure

  1. Bidding steps:
    • the starting bid is 120 euro.
    • €120 to €250 -> 20 euro
    • €250 to €500 -> 30 euro
    • €500 to €1000 -> 50 euro
    • €1000 to €2500 -> 100 euro
    • Boven €2500 -> 200 euro
  2. When a paid bid ends simultaniously with an automatically pre-bid (“auto bid”) at the final sales amount, the award is given to the “auto bid” (because it was previously released).
  3. When 2 or more “auto bids” end up at the final sales amount, than the award goes to the first issued “autobid”.
  4. If desired, purchase orders can be released. Purchase orders must be notified to Pigeoncom in writing by means of E-mail, Whatsapp, WeChat or LineId. A purchase order must be in possession of Pigeoncom no later than 4 hours before the end of the auction. You can send your order to: or +31 (0)644232509. A purchase order can be recognized when a bid is placed under the name of ‘Pigeoncom’.
  5. All bids and purchase orders are ALWAYS binding.
  6. The winner of the auction (both pigeon and coupon) is the highest bidder, as shown at the end of the auction and is registered in Pigeoncom’s bidding system.
  7.  The end of the auction is as stated at the specific auction. If a bid is delivered within 5 (!) minutes before the end of the auction, the closing time for this specific auction will be extended by 5 (!) minutes and so on.
  8. An internet auction can be followed by a hall auction. If this is the case, Pigeoncom will expressly mention this at the specific auction. The final bid at the internet Pigeoncom auction, will be the start bid of the hall auction.
  9. Pigeoncom is entitled to ask a bidder at the end of the auction to pay a deposit of up to 50% of the bid amount. In the event that the bidder in question did not ultimately award the highest bid, this amount will be repaid a.s.a.p. (as soon as possible).
  10. After you have won an auction, there will be a ‘Pay now’ button visible on the auction page. You will also receive an email with a notification. Please follow every required step! An overview of your auctions is visible on your “my account” page.
  11. Both the buyer and the seller will receive an email with all auction details at the end of the auction. Payment must be made within 14 days from the auction end date by eighter bank transfer, online internet banking, PayPal, iDeal or cash.
  12. Any eventual shipping costs are ALWAYS at the buyer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed upfront.
  13. The seller is responsible and accountable for the accuracy of the delivered and displayed information regarding his / her auction.
  14. The buyer agrees to pass on the information provided to him by Pigeoncom to the seller.
  15. The seller is expressly responsible for the health and quality of his / her offered pigeons. Pigeoncom is intermediary in this regard and can not be held liable for health problems of any of the offered pigeons.
  16. Pigeoncom excludes any form of liability arising from any defect of our website.
  17. Pigeoncom is entitled to change the above terms and conditions at any time.


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