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Although the regular auction season at Pigeoncom has finished, there will be CONTINUES opportunities to buy pigeons at our site! And...during the spring and summertime we will update you about our NEW Pigeoncom projects...!...

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We at Pigeoncom are ambitious people who share your passion for racing pigeons! We offer you the opportunity to purchase pigeons from top fanciers Worldwide! A new selection of fantastic pigeons is made available every two weeks to be auctioned at our website.

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  • Announcement

    BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL: new coordinates, new location!

    Nieuwe lossingsplaats Barcelona Internationaal! New location Barcelona International! Nouveau lieu de lacher Barcelona...
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  • Article

    Meteo France – Barcelona Internationa(a)l
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  • Article

    “Rondje langs de velden” – 7

    Gertjan Rigter - Amstelveen: 1 van de allerbeste ZLU hokken in Noord-Holland, de Fondunie 2000 (de afdelingen 6 t/m 11) en...
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    “Rondje langs de velden” – 6

    Afgelopen vrijdag, op de morgen van zowel mijn verjaardag als ook de lossing van Agen ZLU, waren we te gast bij 1 van de...
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