A super team with super pigeons! Two strains, nothing more …. and very heavily inbred strains! They click together, but they also easily click with every other pigeon strain. No wonder the Betuwekoppel and Volkens pigeons are so popular … they very easily breed winners and national ace pigeons!

100 x 10 Volkens

Super Barca 621 Jacobs

Gertjan Rigter is the competitive fancier, Hennie de Vries is the relaxed breeder with a talent for quality … he has a very well preserved Nico Volkens `100 x 10` Collection, a priceless collection of pigeons in the first degree direct from this famous couple…! Ask any fancier in North Holland and they will admit, there are not many who do not have great success with these 100 x 10 Volkens pigeons. And than, all of a sudden, Gertjan and Hennie met trough a pigeon lost the way home. They had one thing in common, the hobby we all have in common…pigeons! They talked for hours and plans for the future were made that day and the weeks after. Gertjan would bring all his Super Barca 621-Betuwekoppel breeders from Gebroeders Jacobs to Hennie, and they would form a unbeatable couple! That was the plan on a rainy wednesday afternoon a few years ago. And they succeeded! Gertjan became very difficult to beat, he became `Keizerkampioen` in de Fondclub Noord Holland and in the FondUnie2ooo! He is at the stage in Kerkrade, he has a few International ace pigeons belonging to the best of Western Europe!And believe it or not, today on a same rainy wednesday afternoon as the rainy wednesday afternoon Gertjan and Hennie met a few years ago, I got a phonecall from a great champ living in the east of Holland … telling us that the combination Super Barca 621 and 100×10 gave hime the 1st Ace pigeon in the NU / Northern Union / Northern Union as well as in the Super Fondclub Gou department 8. This super star won 3rd NPO Cahors and 5th NPO Orange in 2017. Right now in the auction of Gertjan Rigter a fine collection of children from their VERY best! They have never raced, they have never been paired, they have just proudly been preserved for the future. When we were visiting Hennie de Vries a few months ago to share opinions about Gertjan Rigter´s auction, we were amazed by the quality of the pigeons in his aviaries. One was even more beautiful than the other…what a pitty of all these beautiful pigeons was our comment. And see what happened….Here they are! Available for all of you…just pick and choose from this wonderful collection…ready for breeding future champs! All pigeons are born late 2015 even the ones with older rings are autumn youngsters from 2015…



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