“Pigeon racing” into the next decade, electronic time registration in the new era, the next generation!

You have probably not escaped from getting to pay for software updates concerning your current Electronic Timing System (electronic clocking/timing device) in recent periods. With a bit of bad luck, you had to replace the battery in your ETS.  As you might have noticed, this is expensive, too expensive to our opnion. Money you could have used for other things. The cost of updates and batteries seem unlimited. Do you pay for an update of your operating system on your private computer? No! What does a buttoncell battery cost you at the store … € 2.50 max? In other words, the costs do not outweigh what you are getting. Additionally, after an update, previous functionalities in some ETS’s have disappeared or are limited. That’s the same when you buy a new smartphone, or have it repaired because the battery fails, after which you will no longer be able to text messages, browse through your contacts or loose other vital capabilities of your device. It’s clearly an oldfashioned way of how we deal with certain aspects of “pigeonsports” in The Netherlands,  especially with one of the most important parts of any sport: Timing! Of course, software customization needs to be paid. You can make an account for yourself and determine what the approximate development of the update apparently has cost.

to be continued….



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