“Pigeon racing” into the next decade, electronic time registration in the new era, the next generation!


The observed methods used in the pigeon sport have evolved since the start of the racing pigeon sport. They had to, just like the whole world has adapted to the social and technological changes. In the past not every fancier had their own clock … a common clock would be used for several fanciers with possibly a “maturity” allowance from their home to the clock, which would then be deducted from their flying time for each pigeon that was detected. Even in the past 40 years with fanciers in possession of their own mechanical clocks, we have raced with rewind clocks then to the battery / quartz print clocks and then to digital clocks and prints (T3). In the past 15 years, Electronic Timing Systems (known as ETS) have come to the front.

Regardless of which clock system is used, the challenge during all that time has been to provide a secure system with accurate and reliable data with which a complete match result can be offered. Clocks that can be manipulated, or do not keep accurate enough time with respect to the ‘master’ clock, were quickly banned for use. Even then, with for example the piercing of clocks such as Toulet, which were difficult to set and read (with only the most experienced eye capable of determining the full flight time) with something like 100% accuracy. Few would perhaps say that ETS does not provide the systems with the most reliable and accurate clocks for fanciers in modern times. A large part of the fanciers have already gone on op ETS and keep their mechanical clocks in reserve as souvenirs / souvenirs of times gone by.

Although the ET systems are great for marking pigeons, plus setting up and reading clocks, the work is still half done when little or no attempts are made to digitize the entire race and thus much broader benefits for individual users. to reach enthusiasts or clubs in its entirety. The FCI and its national organizations, including the RPRA, NPO and KBDB etc, have obviously set up anti-fraud measures for all systems, including the ETS, but none seems 100% successful.


A minority of unscrupulous scam artists have always found ways to exploit small gaps in security with rubber rings, software or transponders. While the wing stamps and reporting stations have been used to try and prevent this, these measures are not yet fully eradicating the manipulation practices of the deceptive practices. Wing stamps have fallen out of favor as a secondary safety measure (an error until a 100% safe clock system has been designed and implemented). But even if wing stamps and / or reporting posts to the club officers are required to perform these security checks remains too high. Lovers want a result with 100% integrity.

ETS manufacturers want us to believe that ETS is 100% safe, and most fanciers seem to believe this. Unfortunately, this is not the case and even the FCI recognizes that disturbing.

….to be continued….



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