We have done our utmost to make excellent arrangements with a large number of exceptionally well-performing homing/racing pigeon fanciers to be able to present to you beautiful, also very selective, (young) pigeons of the highest quality during our new auction season. Pigeoncom is not about quantity but about quality!

By continuously investing in the quality of pigeonfanciers and (their) pigeons, we strive to develop lasting relationships with our customers (buyers and sellers) and we will do everything we can to maintain them in a way that is typical for us. Naturally, we expect our buyers to benefit from this. Because that is what it is all about: super satisfied customers! When you open our Pigeoncom pigeon transportbox with your newest addition, a broad smile of satisfaction must appear on your face! In this way, we have made long-term agreements with a number of top-class pigeonfanciers to continue to grow with us in a market that is in full swing. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and that starts with the very highest quality pigeons that are offered. Since our start in November 2017, we have received a lot of positive feedback from home and abroad, dozens of really nice messages in word and writing that encourage us to continue on the chosen path. In all honesty (we are always honest) it is of course also the case that things could and should be improved. No day goes by without a thought about these required changes or improvements needed to be implemented as soon as possible. For example, this season we decided to organize a number of Pigeoncom photo days where different vendors can have their pigeons photographed while enjoying a snack, sandwich, drink (when succesful, we might implement that for all our vendors); we have had a new pigeon aviary built where more pigeons can be accommodated temporarily (awaiting transport or pickup) in a larger space per pigeon; there is a drawing on the shelf for approval for further expansion of the accommodation of (y)our auction pigeons; we have further developed the transport and can transport pigeons to Italy and Spain in-house; we have further expanded our network of agents with a Chinese agent who works exclusively for Pigeoncom and we now have our first staff member on the payroll. Together with you, our buyers and sellers, we are growing to an ever higher level where top quality in all levels is the key word!


However, without our partners from the very beginning we can not, and … we do not want to, so our sincere thanks goes out to:

– Brian Sangers from International Pigeon Photography, for the beautiful pigeon photos

– Esther Bultman & Henk Douna van Duivendirect, for transporting (y)our pigeons from door to door within the BeNeLux and arranging tailor-made transport to other destinations

– Pascal de Groot Bruindering & Andre Sangers from Hilarius Creatieve Reclamemakers, for providing technical support, Pigeoncom transport boxes, advertising, printed matter, etc

– Gerard vanderHeide, the driving force behind ZLU Drachten, owner of Pigeonscloud, PT-Systems and also partner of a new project Pigeons.media

– Drs. Hans van der Sluis & Drs. Stephan Göbel from Duivenkliniek Van der Sluis, for all their good advise and medical care

– Our supply agents:

Cosmin Gotia – Romania

Paul Grolleman – Germany & Belgium

Yannick Ungerer – France

Mitja Kobal – Slovenia and the other Balkan countries

Nizham Baoerhan & Na Na Tang – China

– Our translators:

Nick Wood – English
Lee Jiang – Chinese

– Rob Timmermans, for all his support, thanks for everything!


The Pigeoncom auction season starts on 10 November 2018 and ends at the end of March 2019. Every weekend during that period, two brand new auctions will start, which have an auction duration of 15 days. It is highly advisable to visit www.pigeoncom.com regularly to keep up-to-date with our beautiful, varied offer which is a mix of all-round, one-day long distance and marathon (midday and morning release) pigeons, but mainly 500+ km pigeons will be. We will also orientate more internationally and there will be a number of very beautiful auctions organized by foreign pigeonfanciers.


In random order, among others:

Gebroeders Jacobs – Nes aan de Amstel

Familie Toom – Alblasserdam

Mevlut Tekin – Medemblik

Benno Kastelein – Hengelo

R.A. Bakker & Zoon – Veenendaal

Chris Paauwe – Kruiningen

M. & S. Kobal – Lavrenčič (Slovenie)

Antoon van de Burg – Bergschenhoek

Gertjan Rigter – Amstelveen

Danny de Voogd – Yerseke

Chris Beckers – Lelystad

Wim Weerink – Wierden

Gerard van Tuyl – Hellouw

Frank Hage – Woerden

R. & S. Fokkinga – Harkema

A.P. Overwater – Strijen

Gebroeders Dekker – Terneuzen

Combinatie van Tilburg – Nieuw Vennep

Armin Schmidt – Heimbach (Duitsland)

Jan Grootoonk – Bant

Jan Morsink – Marle

Tim Hage – Woerden

Harold Zwiers – Den Ham

Combinatie Baas/Berg – De Kwakel

M. & B. de Kruijff – Woerden

Combinatie Smeets/Penris – Urmond

… and others we are discussing with “putting the finishing touches”, proud to present the very best of their lofts in their auction!


We will advertise in various national and international media and announce and promote our auction offer. In Romania, China and Taiwan we have 24/7 online banners for 365 days, while in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands we will regularly advertise in the pigeon magazines there. You will of course be able to read a lot of information about Pigeoncom and our selling customers on Facebook and Instagram. We started last summer with our “Rondje langs de velden” and are not finished with that for the sake of our followers! More visits will be made to make auction appointments, to introduce participating pigeon fanciers, or just to have a chat about our mutual passion, racing pigeons, but always while enjoying some goodies, because we are also a big fan of that... 🙂


Enough written now…, there is still a lot of work to be done! November 10, 2018 is fast approaching … see you all soon on www.pigeoncom.com!

We cordially invite you to register as a customer or interested pigeonfancier on www.pigeoncom.com and welcome you with the chance of a voucher of 100 Euro which can be spent in the auction-payment module of Pigeoncom. Keep an eye on Pigeoncom on the social media Instagram and Facebook!




Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@pigeoncom.com

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