A. Saarloos & Zoon, Klaaswaal, The Netherlands

Arie Saarloos and son Bert have built themselves a colony of outstanding marathon pigeons, which is obviously one of the very best in The Netherlands as all of us know! Their marathon pigeons are performing at their best when flightconditions are hard!

Since father and son move from allround “program participants” to the marathon pigeonworld, they slowly progressed every year until they reached the ultimate goal: best marathon fancier of Holland when they were crowned “National Emperors of the ZLU”! Arie en Bert Saarloos accelerated their successes from the early start by acquiring a few pigeons every year from from Noel Peiren (Zedelgem – Belgium) sinds they first visited the Belgium marathon-master in 1995.

Descendants from the very best lines were brought to Klaaswaal, like direct children of “De Apollo” and “De Artiest”. Soon after the input of the “Peiren-pigeons” they knew it was the right descision, as only two years from the new beginning, a National Montauban flight was organized and against 5.717 pigeons in competition a Pieren pigeon got the 2nd National price and 8 out of their 10 pigeons were on the official result. In 1999 A. Saarloos and Son had their national breakthrough and every marathon pigeon fancier in Holland realized that a new champions loft was born in Klaaswaal. They won all the first championships in the southern region due to a super pigeon crowned as the “Wondere Peiren”. This cock-pigeon came directly from Noel Peiren and became a hero. The “Wondere Peiren” was their 1st 1.National Acepigeon Extreme Long Distance and no.1 World Champion Extreme Long Distance in 1999, with the following prizes: 6.National Bergerac against 14.284 pigeons, 8.National St. Vincent against 8.566 pigeons and 12.National  Dax against 5.856 pigeons. A truly amazing marathon champion and the pioneer of many Acepigeons frollowing his great example.

A dreamstart was made and from that moment on, hardly anyone could stop this very succesful father& son combination. Nowadays, at least 95% of the pigeons in their pigeonlofts are of the Peiren kind!

When we focus on 2017, on top of many extremely good Acepigeons living in the lofts of Saarloos over the last decade, a new worldfamous star is born: phenomenon “Blue Dusk”, winning impressive individual titles like: 1st International Acepigeon Perpignan 2016-2017 and 1st International Acepigeon all flights 2016-2017 and to top it all of: #1 Euro Diamond Pigeon Award!! “Blue Dusk” is one of those very rare pigeons that will always try to come home before nightfall! Believe it or not, but he succeeded 6 out of 7 times that he was basketted for an International morning liberation race. One time he arrived in the middle of the night, this season “Blue Dusk” was registrated at 3:30am from Sint Vincent…in the middle of the night, winning 17th National Sint Vincent. After this great achievement he also won 5th National and 5th International from Perpignan against 14,930 other pigeons in competition!!!

“Blue Dusk” really is the cherry on the “Saarloos-cherrypie”, but the whole foundation is tasty and should not be forgotten. Arie and Bert are the proud owners of more than a dozen of (National and International) Marathon Acepigeons and seem to have a talent for breeding one after the other! Let’s put a few of them in the spotlights: 

“Super 24” 2nd National Acepigeon ZLU (all races) ’15

“Barca 59” 16th International Acepigeon Barcelona 5 years

“Zoon Perpignan” 1st National Acepigeon Barcelona ZLU 4 years ’14-’17, 4th International Acepigeon Barcelona 4 years ’14-’17

“Den Arie” 1st National Acepigeon Fondspiegel 4 years ’11-’14

“Blue Dusk” 1st National Acepigeon Perpignan ZLU 2 years ’16-’17, 1st International Acepigeon Perpignan 2 years ’16-’17, 1st National Acepigeon ZLU (all races) 2 years ’16-’17, 1st International Acepigeon (all races) 2 years, 1st National Acepigeon Fondspiegel ZLU 2 years ’16-’17, 1st Euro Diamond Pigeon award winner

“Zoon Prins Barcelona” although he is not an Acepigeon, he fully deserves to be in the spotlights, as he is the basebreeder of the Saarloos Marathonloft. He is a son of Noel Peiren’s famous “Prins Barcelona” who won a.o. 7.National Barcelona (15.International against 26,597 pigeons in 2000) and at the Saarloos loft, he became father of a.o. “Barca 59” (16th International Acepigeon Barcelona 5 years), 6.National Bordeaux ZLU 2010, 10.National Pau ZLU 2013, 12.National Bordeaux ZLU 2011, 12.National Pau ZLU 2012, 41.National Bordeaux ZLU 2012, 73.National Bordeaux ZLU 2012, etc.

Arie and Bert Saarloos from Klaaswaal are the European Marathontop! Bert and his father Arie were crowned “1st National Emperor Marathon ZLU 2013”, 6th National Emperor Marathon ZLU 2014, 3rd National Emperor Marathon ZLU 2015, 1st Europa Marathon 2014, 5th Europa Marathon 2015, 4th European Cupwinners 2014, 2nd Pyrenees Cup ZLU 2015, 8th West European Super Marathon (WESM) 2015, 3rd West European Super Marathon WESM 2016, 3rd West European Super Marathon WESM (8 nominated) 2017, 3rd West European Super Marathon WESM 2017!!


For this very spectacular “December Auction”, Arie & Bert Saarloos have selected a very fine group of youngsters, which means that you will a unique opportunity to become the proud owner of a child of “Den Arie”, “Zoon Prins Barcelona”, “Bonte Filipijn”, “Barca 59″, Zoon Perpignan” or “Blue Dusk”, the EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2017!!



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