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Aart Jan Maljaars, a very well known name in the Dutch National Marathon Pigeonsports, because of his excellent results achieved with a very small racingteam of not more than 30 old pigeons, including his yearlings, and max. 50 youngsters…, all kept on just a 6m wide pigeonloft. He is a real specialist at the extreme long distance races. Over the past few years he won a remarkable list of great result especially when you keep in mind the minimal number of pigeons basketed. It is pure quality in Zoutelande!!

Already back in 2008 Aart Jan Maljaars was a regular guest in Limburg, at the prestigious “ZLU-Sterrenshow”, as he was crowned 7th National Emperor Marathon ZLU en 9th National Champion Super Prestige that year. His real love for the International morning liberation races started at the beginning of this century. But Aart Jan started his National victory march between 2010-2014 by winning these remarkable National early prices:

National Pau 2, 61, 83

National Bordeaux ZLU Yearlings 15, 46, 56, 62

National Barcelona 33

National Tarbes 31

National St. Vincent 25, 82, 88

National Marseille 80, 100, 101

National Narbonne 3

Since 2013, he really belongs to the National top! In 2013 Aart Jan won 15th National Bordeaux Agen (old birds) ZLU against 6.116 pigeons, 33rd National Barcelona (6.909 pigeons in competition) and 3 out of 4 pigeons were classified while he started that season with the 83rd National Pau! Let’s not forget to mention that he had 4 from the 6 basketted pigeon on the National list at Marseille. Aart Jan’s definate breakthrough was made that year. Since than he won 2nd National, 4th National, 5th National, 10th National, 11th National, 37th National , 41st National, 42nd National en 2x 47th National! Remember…he has a 6m wide loft, including youngsters and a few breedingcouples! In 2014 he was the 1st nominated overall long distance champion in his region. At the six International races on the calendar, in 2016 he wins in his region

Pau (216 pigeons): 8 (1st nominated)
Bourdeaux Yearlings ZLU (298 pigeons): 22 en 52 (3rd and 1st nominated)
Barcelona (237 pigeons): 5 (3e nominated)
St.Vincent (239 pigeons): 3 en 9 (2nd and 3rd nominated)
Narbonne (422 pigeons): 8 (1st nominated)
Perpignan (336 pigeons): 16 en 46 (2nd and 1st nominated)

This year, in 2017, Aart Jan had a fantastic seaon. He finished with the “Grandmasters on all ZLU races” as 14th National, while he is on the highest step at St.Vincent ZLU, as his earliest pigeons are 7 and 35 National and with 5 of the 6 pigeons  Aart Jan has the best loft coefficient in the Netherlands. Two times he is amongst the 10 best Long distance fanciers in The Netherlands, as he wins two highly appreciated Marathon titles at the ZLU!

3rd National Emperor Extreme Long Distance

10th Pyreneees Cup

He won three ZLU trophees at National Sint Vincent and Marseille! Difficult, hard races!

Mont Marsan Pau 1st Provincial Zeeland, 26th National 3 out of 6 at the National scorecard

Sint Vincent 7th National and 35th National and 5 out of 6 pigeons basketted on the National scorecard and winning the first series of 3 nominated!

Marseille  5th National and 4 out of 6 pigeons on the list!!

Barcelona 292nd, 436th, 493rd, 536th National and 4 from 5 baketted pigeons on the National rankings!

Aart Jan Maljaars really had a superb season this year. And now, from the best of his best…he offers six super good pigeons in his auction at Pigeoncom. You will find two children of the 5th National Marseille, two children of the 7th National Sint Vincent and 2 children of his Golden Breedingcouple! The couple where his victory march all started with….!!



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