Winner of the 2nd NATIONAL BARCELONA 4.842 pigeons 2022 !





ALBERT POULISSE is a National Topper on the International Marathon flights !


Some of his best results in recent years:

2, 41, 123, 185, etc National Barcelona 4.842 pigeons

3, 5, 10, etc National Ruffec s3 7.100 pigeons

27, 40, 102, etc National Perpignan 3.805 pigeons

18, 109, etc National Barcelona 4.838 pigeons

2 Keizer Fondunie 2000 ZLU

4 Generaal Champion nominated Fondunie 2000 ZLU

4 Grootmeester Generaal Fondunie 2000 ZLU

6 Generaal Champion Fondunie 2000 ZLU


Albert Poulisse won: 2, 2, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 10 National on the NPO Marathon and in recent years on the ZLU flights: 2, 6, 8, 11, 15, 18 National !

In the INTERNATIONAL GOUDEN DUIF rankings: 1x 2nd and 3x within the first 20 European champions on the International flights.

Albert Poulisse (l) and Jeroen Hendriks with the BARCA 216, winneer of the 2nd National Barcelona in 2022 !


Albert Poulisse, 70 years, was a painter by profession and owner of a succesful painting company. A few years ago he has passed on this business to his sons. This business has been in existence for 200 years and his sons are the 6th generation running the business.
How did Albert get into the pigeon sport? Albert: “As a child in kindergarten I looked with amazement at those pigeons in the sky and thought it was special that they could find their own home”. When he was doing his communion (at the age of 6) his father gave him a pigeonloft. From that time Albert has almost always had pigeons. Except in military service and the 4 years that he was in seminary. He got married in 1978 and a few years later, in 1984, he bought his 300 years old house on the dike in Kerkdriel and built his current pigeon lofts.

In 1994 he bought 14 one day long distance pigeons from Ad de Volder (Goirle) who had a super loft with many direct Louis van Loon pigeons. It turned out that a top couple (Ad x Greet) was among them. Children and grandchildren won 17 times teletext !! These pigeons also form the basis of his current marathon pigeon stock. When Albert started participating in the marathon races, he had three children from Ab x Greet, which he crossed with marathon pigeons. The marathon pigeons came of the Gebroeders Kuijpers, Wim van Leeuwen, Jan Doppenberg and Henny Wennekes (Van der Wegen).

The current stock mother “Het St Vincentje 434” comes out an inbred pigeon of the Super breeder with a son of the super couple Ad x Greet. This phenomenal hen won 3x the 6th National from St Vincent/Cahors and she is the basis of the pigeon strain of Albert. Albert crossed the line of “Het St Vincentje 434” with three brothers W136, W487 & the W488 (100% van der Wegen – Henny Wennekes), with the line of the 1st International Acepigeon Pau of the Gebroeders Kuypers, the line of the “Golddigger” – 1st National Ace Marseille of Anthony van Dijk and the “SMARAGD line” of Wim van Leeuwen (Wim, who passed away last year, was a good friend of Albert) who won the 1st International Barcelona, 1st International hens Barcelona, 2nd International hens Barcelona, etc. The famous “SMARAGD I” (50% Gebroeders Kuypers) was the winner of the 1st International Barcelona in 1988.



Rob van Moorselaar – 2e National Acepigeon marathon 2 prizes / Best Marathon pigeon of The Netherlands (son “Albertje” (grandson “St Vincentje 434”)

1 NPO – 7 National Perigueux 7.308

2 National Perigueux 2.888

22 NPO Limoges 1.178

Nanne Wolf – 1st Acepigeon Marathon Fondclub Noord & NPO dept 8 (grandchild “W488” x sister “St Vincentje434”)

Jan Doppenberg – 9e National Perpignan 3.805 (grandchild “W488” x “De 813” (basic breeding pair)

Koos Steenbeek – 2e National Acepigeon ZLU flights WHZB-TBOTB (grandchild “W136” x “St Vincentje434”)


Best results Fondunie2000 in recent years:

1, 20, 43 Barcelona 1.459

5, 43, etc Narbonne 2.164

8, 50, 168, etc (7/15) Barcelona 1.427

9, 26, 80, 84, etc Agen 3.081

21, 39, 48, 50, etc (7/8) Marseille 1.118

24, 89 Agen 3.403

2nd Keizer Champion Fondunie 2000 ZLU

4th Generaal Champion nominated Fondunie 2000 ZLU

4th Grootmeester Generaal Fondunie 2000 ZLU

6th Generaal Champion unnominated Fondunie 2000 ZLU


Some results in the dpt 7 Midden Nederland :

13, 16, 17, 26, 39 Agen ZLU (yearlings) 348 pigeons

3, 7, 19, 29, 31, 34, 37 Agen ZLU (old) 524 pigeons

1, 16 (7/15) Barcelona 351 pigeons

6, 14, 16, 18 (7/8) Marseille 326 pigeons

2, 20 Narbonne 654 pigeons


Albert Poulisse offers 4 youngsters (2023) from his best breeders and Barcelona pigeons > his strain is built on “ST VINCENTJE 434” (winner of 3x 6th National !) crossed with the three van der Wegen brothers W136, W487 (De Henny), W488 from Henny Wennekes, Albert’s exclusive “inbred SMARAGD pigeons” from his friend Wim van Leeuwen and the best of Gebroeders Kuypers.


In this top auction: TWO VERY EXCLUSIVE CHILDREN of the “BARCA 216” – the winner of the 2nd NATIONAL BARCELONA ’22 – a highlight in our auction season !!


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Albert Poulisse, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact ALBERT POULISSE.

Tel: +31 (0)654 324 649





Ended: 2 Dec 2023 17:00

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