“Bustraan Pigeons”

Arie Bustraan, joining the absolute top within just three years from the beginning is only for the very few! A fantastic breeding center with great pigeons is the basis of the huge success of “Bustraan Pigeons”. In no time, together with his satellite lofts in the Netherlands and Poland, he succeeded in storming and conquering that absolute top.

Within three years the world class pigeons from Arie Bustraan had the Netherlands and Poland on their knees! He himself and his extremely successful satellite lofts, the Gebroeders Dekker from Terneuzen and Krzysztof Pabian, who lives in Poland, have only been racing for the victory since 2016, because places of honor do not count anymore. These lofts are racing really hard! It testifies to the absolute top class that populates the breeding loft of Arie Bustraan in Heinekenszand, because it was not until the end of 2014 that this passionate pigeon fancier started his high-quality breeding center “Bustraan Pigeons”. Arie Bustraan has bought extremely expensive and exclusive pigeons for his breeding loft from the very best that our southern neighbors have in Belgium. In recent years he has become friends with Albert Derwa, Bart Geerinckx, the Gyselbrecht family of the PipaEliteCenter, Gaston van der Wouwer and Fernand Mariën and was able to get only from the best of their base. In the Netherlands, top pigeons were also purchased from Jan Hooymans and Koen Minderhout and pigeons from their very bests populate the breeding loft in Zeeland. A small impression of the capital pigeons that now live near the Stelleplas: a child of the “Geeloger” from Koen Minderhout; children of “New Freddy” and three children of PEC’s top breeder “Wacko Freddy”, who is the father of the National Ace pigeons in Belgium Porsche 911 and Boxter; a number of grandchildren of the world famous “Harry” and a child of “Zoon Cees” and “Alexia” of Jan Hooymans; pigeons straight from the very best that Bart Geerinckx has, the “Gladiator” and “Wittekop Silvester” line. From all these lines Arie Bustraan offers a beautiful group of youngsters born in the summer of 2017, ready for a nice early (winter) breeding. Pigeons that perform great at a young age, witness the fact that the third round summer youngsters on the sattelite-loft in Poland, namely Pabian-Bustraan pulverized the competition at Provincial Rawicz against 4001 pigeons 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 -9-23-39-45-46-53-57-58-60-61 etc. with 60/76 prize!! This extremely successful tandem performed to become 1st champion of the strongest pigeonracing club in Poland with only direct Bustraan pigeons within two years after the start! To top it all off, a pigeon of Bustraan-Pigeons won the semi-finals of the Costa de Sol by Team Bustraan-Dekker, these pigeons know OneLoftRacing!


Auction starting 26 November 2017



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