Armin Schmidt – Heimbach (Germany)


 ** Noël Peiren Pigeons **


Armin Schmidt started in 2013 with only direct Noël Peiren pigeons! Since than, a good friendship has developed between the Belgian maestro and Armin. A few times every year he visits Noël Peiren and he sometimes brings new pigeons to Heimbach. Right now, Armin has 50 direct Peirens! Since the beginning he is very succesful with the pigeons from Noël Peiren, and within two years from the start Armin was one of the best German fanciers on the “Weitstrecke”, the extreme long distance. Among our German pigeonfriends, Armin Schmidt is known as the “filiaalschlag von Noël Peiren”, which means that his loft in Heimbach is called the “satellite loft” from Noël Peiren in Germany. “Filialschlag von Noël Peiren” is no overstatement at all when you look at the quality pigeons that he has in his breedingloft from the great Belgium champion:

– a  son and daughter of the Magic Barcelona, the Barcelona winner in 2015 in Belgium against 7.774 pigeons and the 2nd International against 19.089 pigeons

– 2 sons of the 1st Ace Belgische Verstandhouding 2013

– 4 children of the 2 National Ace Belgium Pipa ranking Barcelona 4yrs 15-18

– 3 children of the 9 National Ace Belgium Pipa ranking Barcelona 4yrs 15-18

– 7 children of the 1 National Bourges 2004 against 23.694 pigeons

The National Bourges winner “Bourges” himself was a gift from his friend Noël Peiren and the “Bourges” enjoys his time in Heimbach at the loft of Armin.


In 2015 Armin basketted his Peiren pigeons as one & two year old birds at the international flights for the first time.

His 14-709 wins:

287 National Agen 1.777 pigeons

1 Provincial Marseille

8 International Marseille 2.504 hens

10 National Marseille 1.709 pigeons

35 International 10.104 pigeons

and in 2016 the 709 wins:

106 National Barcelona 1.278 pigeons (3x basketted in total, 3x price, moved to the breedingloft in ’17)

14-613 (sister of the 14-709, Miss Marseille) wins in 2016:

265 National Agen 1.716 pigeons

2 Provincial Narbonne 430 pigeons

8 National Narbonne 1.413 pigeons

16 International Narbone 4.799 hens

38 International 10.836 pigeons

15-59 wins in 2016:

18 International Pipa ranking extreme long distance 2 flights

140 International Agen 9.043 pigeons

255 International Narbonne 7.811 pigeons

15-127 wins in 2016:

26 International Pipa ranking extreme long distance 2 flights

409 International Agen 9.043 pigeons

228 National Narbonne 7.811 pigeons

In 2017 she wins 140 National Pau against 1.198 pigeons

16-519 wins in 2017:

12 Provincial Agen

16 National Agen 2.165 pigeons


Results in 2018:

13 National Perpignan won by 16-836 (grdr 1st Ace Belgische Verstandhouding and 1/2sister to 16-655)

19 National Narbonne won by 16-555 (grdaughter of the 1st Ace Belgische Verstandhouding)

35 National St Vincent

61 National Agen

172 National Agen won by 16-555 (grdaughter of the 1st Ace Belgische Verstandhouding)


Results in 2019:

2 National Narbonne ! 2 pigeons arrived at the day of release in Germany, one is from Armin Schmidt and wins the 2nd National!

46 National Brive


In just a few years time, his Peiren birds win:

1, 2, 2, 8, 12, 12, 16, 17 Provincial

2, 8, 9, 13, 16, 19, 34, 35, 46 National on the International flights! Realize that Armin only baskets a few birds per flight!



The pigeons from the auction of Armin Schmidt are in Zuiderwoude since 2 months! They are in a super condition, vaccinated against PMV and ready for breeding, the 2019 birds are summerbred youngsters and completely done with moulting.


Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Armin Schmidt, but is not 100% guaranteed.




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