Bernd Volmer has a great love for the International flight BARCELONA & he has a very exclusive collection of fantastic Jellema pigeons with sublime origin !




Among many other top results this are his “eyecatchers” on this prestigious race:

1st National Ace Barcelona 2014-2016

6, 8 National Barcelona 2018

The father of “BERNI”, the winner of the 1st National Barcelona in 2015 & the 1st Gouden Barcelona Pigeon in Germany is direct of B.J. Volmer!


Before he focussed on Barcelona, Bernd was very succesful on the other marathon flights: in 2011 he had the 1st Ace National Marathon Germany !

In recent years he was searching for the best pigeons to cross with his own Barcelona strain. That is the reason why Bernd purchased Jellema pigeons of the very best lines of the maestro out Nijverdal. He has direct children of “SILKE”, “JOYCE”, “YINTHE”, “SILVIE” of Jellema & of “INVICTUS”  and “NEW LAUREAAT”  of Batenburg – van de Merwe and is the owner of an awesome breeding loft.




Bernd is offering 11 pigeons with fantastic pedigrees directly of his VERY EXCLUSIVE “Jelle Jellema breeders” (direct children of SILKE, JOYCE, YINTHE, SILVIE, NEW LAUREAAT)  & INVICTUS in this top auction – a new highlight in our auction season !



Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Bernd Volmer, but is not 100% guaranteed. For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact BERND VOLMER.

Tel: +49 (0) 172 706 3842






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