Brian Sangers – Zutphen


Brian Sangers, our Pigeoncom photographer has won many championships and international prizes on the allround and one day long distance flights. Both individually as well as together with his dad Marcel Sangers.

The greatest achievement of Brian recently is winning :


2nd OVERALL SUPERSTAR THE NETHERLANDS Gouden Duif championship ’20


In addition to continuing to perform in the one day long distance races and the program flights, Brian also has the ambition to achieve top performances in the international marathon and ZLU races. This should take shape in the coming years. For this he bought pigeons from the very best of Gerard Schalkwijk. Given the unbridled commitment and passion for the pigeon sport, we are certain that this new adventure will also be very succesful.


Brian offers you 4 very nice youngsters from his exclusive breeding pairs (Schalkwijk/Bungeneers/de Heijde). All four pigeons are toppers in the hand and come from the  best lines of Gerard Schalkwijk. We are very pleased with this opportunity as many people are succesful with the Schalkwijk/Bungeneers pigeons on the national and international marathon flights and we believe that the buyers of the pigeons in this auction will be succesful with them too. Brian and his father Marcel Sangers have selected the pigeons and made the final selection only a few weeks before the start of this auction.



Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Brian Sangers, but is not 100% guaranteed. For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact BRIAN SANGERS.

Tel: +31 (0)651 905 433






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