The man with 3 of the best Marathon pigeons from the last decade on the Extreme long distance NPO flights with afternoon liberation. All Marathon fanciers in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe have heard from his toppers DE LATE BLAUWE, ZILVERPENNE and BRENDA !! Cees Nijdeken has built his pigeon strain with direct birds from the best of Jelle Jellema, Arjan Beens and Combinatie Verweij-de Haan.

The pigeon fancier Cees Nijdeken started with pigeons as a teenager and has had pigeons for more than 50 years. After years of participating in the overall program, Cees has been taking part in the marathon flights since 2001. For this, his first pigeons came from Jac Steketee, Theo Streefkerk and Klaas Sturris, among others. His debut at the time was already sublime with a 7th National ZLU Bordeaux in 2001. In 2011, with the 3rd National Montpellier, Cees came even closer to a national victory. That pigeon was found in the loft at 3 am in the middle of the night. In 2014, Cees finished 4th nominated in the Vriendenclub Nationale Concoursen (VNCC). In section 9 (Eastern part of Netherlands) he finished both nominated and unassigned in place 4. It would mean the start of  very succesful marathon carreer with his pigeons!

A few years ago his 3 toppers were ranked as follows:

LATE BLAUWE, 1st National Marathon Pigeon in the PiPa ranking (2 prices), 1st Ace Marathon Noord

BRENDA, 1st National Ace Marathon (3 prices), 1st Ace Marathon VNCC, 1st Prov Ace dpt 9 (Oost-Nederland), 7th National Marathon Pigeon in the PiPa ranking (2 prices)

ZILVERPENNE, 13th National Marathon Pigeon in the PiPa ranking (2 prices)


The most prestigious results won by Cees Nijdeken in the last few years were:

1st National Champion NPO Marathon nominated

1st Champion Marathon Noord Middaglossing (afternoon liberation)

2nd Internationaal Zware Fond De Duif competition


The best references from other fanciers with the pigeons from Cees Nijdeken:

Gerrit Rouwehorst Apeldoorn wins the 2nd National Cahors Sect 3 in 2019 with a descendant of Jonge Storm

Henri Wittens Den Bosch is racing super this year with descendants of brother Late Blauwe and the Brenda line

Daan Roosen Belgium wins a 1st Provincial Pau this year with a grandson of the Late Blauwe. Another grandson Late Blauwe won in 2018 a.o. 5th Interprovincial Bergerac

Jeroen Egberink Germany has the 1st Ace Pigeon Marathon (afternoon lib) in Section 9 in 2018 with a grandchild of Rooie Toon jr

Marc Gielen Maasbree won a 17th NPO Bergerac and a 30th NPO Bordeaux in 2019 with a grandson of the Late Blauwe. Another Grandson of the Late Blauwe wins a 14th NPO Bordeaux at his father’s loft

Jacob van Putten from Elburg bred a 5th NPO Bergerac winner out of a daughter of Rooie Toon jr

Frank Zwiers Terheijden won a 10th Nat Dax with a direct daughter from Rooie Toon jr

Comb Seelen Borne win with grandchildren of the Zilverpenne x Brenda a.o. 6th Nat Periqueux and 11th Nat Dax

Benno Kastelein Hengelo wins with a grandson of Late Blauwe x daughter Romee 6th and 8th NPO Periqueux

The Dekker Terneuzen brothers are successful in one-loft races with children from inbred pigeons to Zilverpenne x Brenda

Also in Romania they race very well with descendants of the Late Blauwe x Brenda; a.o. an 8th National

At Cees Nijdeken himself, a son of Zilverpenne x Brenda is winning a 10th NPO Limoges in 2019


In his first auction on Pigeoncom, Cees Nijdeken offers a very select group of 11 pigeons from his very very best !! As you will see the emphasisis on the 3 phenomenal pigeons LATE BLAUWE, ZILVERPENNE, BRENDA as well as on his best breedingpairs from Comb. Verweij-de Haan & Jelle Jellema.


Note: the sexe of the pigeons is considered correct by Cees Nijdeken, but is not 100% guaranteed.

For more information concerning the pigeons in this auction, please contact CEES NIJDEKEN:

Tel: +31 (0)640 465 885

E-mail: cees.nijdeken@concepts.nl






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