Chris Paauwe – Kruiningen

Chris Paauwe is one of Zeeland’s best marathon fanciers, as witnessed by many top prizes at the NPO marathon races with afternoon release and the ZLU classic races with morning release. Chris Paauwe is the man to beat in his region and province Zeeland in recent years at both disciplines and Chris Paauwe has won numerous National top prizes and Championships!


A few of the highlights/references in the carreer of Chris Paauwe’s pigeons on the marathon races are:


1 National Dax 11.124 ’21 with NICOLLE – raced by Chris Paauwe

1 National Barcelona (Belgium) 12.657 pigeons ’10 & 2 International Barcelona 25.878 pigeons ’10 with BLACK SHADOW (father = original C. Paauwe) – raced by Bart Verdeyen

2 National s1 Dax NPO & 3 National Overall Dax 10.429 ’17 with KIM – raced by Chris Paauwe

2 National Agen ZLU 6.219 ’17 with PIER – raced by Chris Paauwe

10 National Barcelona (Belgium) ’17 with CLARISSE (father = original C. Paauwe) – raced by Haeken-Petré


Championships from the last few years:

1st Keizer Marathon in the Zeeland region (IFC Zeeland) ’20

1st Keizer Marathon in the Zeeland region (IFC Zeeland) ’17

2nd Marathon Champion (NPO / afternoon release) dpt 1. Zeeland 96 ’19

5th Overall Marathon Champion dpt 1. Zeeland 96 ’19

5th Grootmeester National Agen ZLU “Spoor der Kampioenen” ’18

5th Grootmeester National Narbonne ZLU “Spoor der Kampioenen” ’18

6th Grootmeester National Pau ZLU “Spoor der Kampioenen” ’20

6th WESM – West European Marathon Champion ’18

8th National ZLU Champion Super Prestige ’17

8th Grootmeester National Bergerac “Spoor der Kampioenen” ’20

13th International Champion Marathon “De Duif” ’19

14th National Marathon Champion ’18

18th National Marathon Champion ’17

19th WESM – West European Champion Marathon ’15


                                                                                                                            *** THE BEST OF CHRIS PAAUWE ***

CHRIS PAAUWE selected 10 pigeons (most are bred in the summer) for his auction at Pigeoncom – from his best (!) breeders !! Note: the sex of the pigeons is considered correct by Chris Paauwe, but is not 100% guaranteed. The pigeons in this auction are in the loft of Chris Paauwe in Kruiningen.

For more information (about this auction) please contact CHRIS PAAUWE.

Tel: (+31) (0)620863317





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